Saturday, December 30, 2006

Party into the New Year!!

As soona s december holidays rolled around and work was no more i was in total holiday mode. Actually lazy mode not like im out of it as yet.

We slept late ,shopped till we dropped and ate take -out almost everyday. Then christmas was approaching and we strated our festive party off xmas eve at the Lady_lea party,From then on it was a blur ,we slept most days and went out at nite,stayed over at our friends house on the beach.

Met strange and interesting characters that added flavour to our nights and days. Xmas was spent with my whole family my grans bothers and sisters wich was really nice and chrimassy should i say,catch up with cousins i havent seen in ages.

Before New year could roll around i was marked with a blue eye and bruised face ,i had slipped an fell on a car and onto the pavement,need i say more about that incident,the marks ar still yet to fade but the memories won't. Lol.