Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

IOD.. WHere do i claim?

The UKZN bus, the only mothe F#%&*n bus going to town around 4 pm,it leaves at 3.45 and gets to town at 4.It gets full everyday, and you bound to get injured everytime you put foot on the bus.

SO neways yesterday i was fortunate to get a seat at the back of the bus and was quiet happy i wasnt standing this time around.I was sitting quiet nicely ,mxiting away when suddenly the bus takes a sharp turn i went flying off my seat,managed to grab the rail in front of me,and i nearly missed the floor,my bag on the other hand wasn't that fortunate.

That there was my second last updated injury to date(touch wood).I carried on in town n then ask me how manage to hit my wrist against a steel vendors table,now my wrist f-UUp.

I wana go one week without getting injured.

It started with my back 2 weeks ago,when in the bus again some cow was leaning on me everytime the bus turned n almost dislocated my back,it was swollen n i was getting headaches and nausea for one whole bloody week.

Then Monday yes.. monday this week,my brother like a big donkey starts playing fighting with me,cuts my lip and my finger.It's not enough for me to be going through emotional stress i must still get messed up in other ways.

Okay pity party is OVER!!!!

The miserable weekend is here.

Monday, September 17, 2007


This morning as i rushed to get ready for work, my perfume bottle broke into a 100 little pieces. Its broken now i can't use it ever again, i just had to pick it up, throw it in the bin and carry on.

Sometimes in life, no matter how hard you try to manage things on your own, it’s not possible, in the end you give up.

That’s who I am, that’s what I do 'I Give Up'.

I started the weekend with my mind on something exciting but it all just fell apart, i lost my spirit along the way with the help of some uncalled for remarks.

Maybe it was a good thing, to face what is ahead instead of trying to push it one side, maybe it is better to deal with what lies in front of you, being positive is not part of the deal anymore.

This morning i feel much better, Maybe i can pick up the pieces of my shattered spirit, just maybe all is not lost, because after all I’m stronger than i think i am.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Herbal Tea and ME

So the journey has ended with me and my herbal tea that i loved so much,apparantly the lady has a problem with getting the Earthlife tea all the way from Cape Town.

SO yesterday i went to the health shop in west street,and the lady there gave me some leaves and other crap to boil and drink,was'nt so bad im used to drinking tea that taste like drain water.Im so sad now.

I care about my tea,even if other people don't.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Im One of them

Well the last couple of months was a slow transistion i suppose,from being single carefree party girl,to one of those 'I got a boyfriend' type.

Never thought id be there but i am,took some time and my prioritise changed from my friends to just him.Don't get me wrong i always make time for my friends but not like before.

Well the change has been good on me as an individual,I have slowly learned to say i do have a boyfriend and not stutter.
I have more direction and goals in life,i think that is the most positive influence thus far and well i have more happiness and laughter and love.

Isnt that some of the most important things in life,I dont know where the road leads next or where the road ends or if there will be bends and rocks along the road but i will make the best of right now.