Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekendz in Tongaat

The last two weekndz was spent at my Bf house on the north coast,our friends came over we partied a bit,relaxed had a braai,i wanted a rest i got it.

This weekend though just relaxed and Jeez its not the life for me i cant handle the quitness n not seeing people i was freaken scared and they kept telling me the City is more dangerous I think NOT!!
You could get killed n no-one would even hear you,eish at leats if you scream in town everyone.

My saturday afternoon i say is a lesson well learnt and an experience.

Monday, November 10, 2008

No Rest for the wikked

Lets see its been a busy week and a busy weekend,Friday night lets see i went to visit my frend Shen and then popped by the beach club for a party was kewl lotsa memories that place brought back i spent my birthday there last year,Wikkked time.I miss teh bonfires we used to have on teh beach come 4 am in the morning ,beautiful site.

Nehows saturday was spent with the bf lazing around and eating and in the late afternoon marlz picked me up n we was chilling in Umhlanga Sands.There wasnt many clubs happening saturday nite so we went pass Traxx n Panama was very sad,I think i went there after like a year,sucked big time,and they played crap RNb tracks like 4 times over.

Sunday i planned to sleep in but Luthy was nagging to go out,So me n Luthy n Bf went to vaca for a while like an hour at the most then i ended up Ocean Basket eating my favourite soul mate platter,eishh was dream come true i love seafood.

Im kinda staying at home during this week ,i thinnkkk im over doing it,if theres such a thing,trying to watch tv and be good,Not that im not.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


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You know sometimes when u wish the perfect happy times would last forever,I wish this time would last a really bit longer.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Funkd' n so it was

After ages i partied n i had such a ball friday night,it was my bf party 'Funkd',we were busy all through friday setting up the place with the lighting n decor it looked over wikked.No pics can u belive that i didnt have time to take out any,think my frend has a few.

THe sound was awesome the lazer light rocked and so did the music,there wasnt too many people around 100 or so.We partied till the sun came up even though there was a few of us.Saturday i slept till 4 pm then aroudn 8pm i went to the wavehouse for the 5fm party that was too off the hook stayed 2 hours then then went home.Im still trying to catch up on sleep sunday i was waking up n sleeping the whole day im gone old now,lol,cant do it old skewl anymore.

Anyhows at least thats over n done with need to get into the groove of gym now,my neck n back is feeling awhole lot better.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Gymball n me

Saturday i went shopping i found a pilates cd as well as the gymball in one ,i was very very excited 2 for the price of one plus i got a discount,neways i took it to the garage filled it up and as soon as i got in the house i placed in the lounge on the tiles infront of our nice deepfreezer and decided to give my mom a demonstration.

and two seconds later i fell back and hit my head n neck on teh nice deep freezer,i was out for like 2hours,ay what pain im going through,i havent been to the doctor yet my head n shoulder hurt,think ill go for a check on friday.Poor me im an ass clown really for doing that on teh floor.At least saturday nite was cold i stayed at home.

Sunday i was up early went shopping with the boys for the party,we travelled far n wide and back again i was home at 11 pm eish was a long day but i throughly enjoyed getting up to no good.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Energy -Keri Hilson

I wish I could rip out a page of my memory
'Cause I put too much energy in him and me
Can't wait 'til I get through this phase
'Cause it's killing me
Too bad we can't re-write our own history

Such a mystery when he's here with me
It's hard to believe I'm still lonely
Chances fading now, patience running out
This ain't how it's supposed to be

I'm having nightmares from sleeping with the enemy
how do we reverse the chemistry
I don't want us to be the end of me
This love is taking all of my energy
Energy, My Energy
Taking all of my energy
Energy, My Energy
Taking all of (my energy)

Seems only like yesterday, Not even gravity
Could keep your feet off the ground when you're with me
How can two be as one
We've become so divided now
Theres no use hiding from misery
Such a mystery when he's here with me
It's hard to believe I'm still lonely
Chances fading now, patience running out
This ain't how its supposed to be

I'm having nightmares from sleeping with the enemy (Oh, Yeah)

Now I can feel a change in me
and I can't afford to slip much further
from the person I was meant to be
I'm not afraid to walk alone
not giving up but moving on
before it gets too deep
'cause your taking all of my energy

I'm having nightmares from sleeping with the enemy (Oh)
We gotta reverse the chemistry (Oh, Oh)
I don't want us to be the end of me
This love is taking all of my energy (Energy)
Energy (Energy), My Energy (Oh)
Taking all my energy (Oh-Oh)
Energy, My Energy (Taking all of me)
Taking all of

Ya killing me
Ya taking all of me yeah, oh
This love is taking all of my energy

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lazyy Ass Weekend

I did nothing basically,just sat n watched movies and ate evey kind of junk food mostly chicken,im looking a overgrown chicken now eishhh...

I think im gone old u know why,cos i did f/awl but sit around teh weekend and my parents were away,so no nagging or noise just me n the music and the TV,what peace.

Saturday i went roaming with bf window shopping for the party at the end of the month checking for ideas and materials yawww.

In the night i felt so neglected but i realise that im overreacting and being a bitch about it, i went for a drive checking all the clubs out,didnt liss to go in just drove around n ate again.i woke up sunday like 12 n watched tv n then cleaned up around 4 ,such bliss why cant that happen every weekend.Anyhows i got the new pink GHD yay!!!dreams do come true i tell u .

Friday, October 17, 2008

SMiley Week!

Ja ja i know i only write here when i im sad n angry n got issues,but u see i dont have many post so i really dont have that much issues.

Nehows i can honestly say this week has been good,its true 'What doesnt kill you makes u stronger '

I feel stronger i can think clearer but im still undecided about where im heading in life and what im doing.I know im old already i should know these things but i dont.I have a new friend, a really sweet guy junaid,way younger than me but we get on really well and he's funny n entertaining n i enjoy being hes friend.My parents are gone to jhb for the weekend so its home alone tis weekend.Parrrty up!

Me n Angy watched 'My best friends girl' last night,Freaken hilarious seriously its da shit i really enjoyed it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Good Friends in strangers

You know sometimes when u just having the most fucked up day,okay thats been happening alot,but anyhows saturday was when i hit below road level,and everything just seemed unbearable,and at that very moment somebody saves your soul.Ya ya that happend to me,i met afew new people that made me feel like ive known them for ages and were genuinly concerned and cared about how i felt at that moment.

Neways following that moment i went to the Rugby'' yeah!!!!It was awesome i had a blast with people i met for the first time.Follwoing that i met up with my other frends and went for supper and chilled like regte indians at Lugz talking shit and dancing into the night,It was just what i needed with people who i needed.

All i can say is SWeeT!!!!

May the bastids that fuck up your day n fuck up your life get what they deserve '''Im drinking to that" cheers

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Weekend In Bakerton

I spent a few days in Bakerton ,springs after Eid with my best friend Luthy.Was kewl went to work with her hanged out at east gate more like walked our feet off.

Saturday we went to the H20 in Boksburg in the late afternoon,Djs on the main dance floor were off the hook ,met up with my bras from durban and had an awesome time.

5 am sunday morning i was back in durbz ,back to the drama of my friends,now wanting to kill each other,eishhh.

The drama never ends.

Im still got my own drama between me and my boyfriend has been a tuff week for me,he told me hes leaving for UK next year,but such is life uncertain and a rollercoaster most of the times.
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Me in the Magzzz

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Girls Of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea

Im on the last chapter of my book that kept me company this weekend,i didnt even notice the weekend that flew pass.

This book follows the love lives of girls that are ready for marriage and what its like to live under the shariah law and what kind of behaviour is expected of girls like them from elite saudi families.

Lots of life lessons and too many love lessons to be learnt, we take for granted the freedom of way of life we have.

But reading the book i realised that men all around the world no matter what are still the same.There was a section in the book which descibes each kind of male and the reason for their kind of behaviour,all psychology and very enlightning.

A good read..

Friday, September 26, 2008


Its already the end of ramadaan,and the days have gone by so fast its shocking.

This year i experienced something different and last night i was really upset and my group of close friends, i was trying to understand why was everyone fighting non stop at each other and gossiping,it was just hurtful and awful,that they spend the whole month praying and in dhikr and at taraweeh but it doesnt stop them from being fighting and being angry.

I am victim to such anger as well,i have no idea why my bfrend is ignorning me for a week now,previous to that we were fighting every week in ramadaan for no reason at all.

Im sad but what do?

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I can say that i do remember when last i had butterflies and it was this weekend...
I remember when i was younger i used to get it alot and when u see a guy u have a crush on or when something happends for the first time or unexpentantly.
This weekend after 2 weeks i saw my bfrend n i had butterflies and the strange thing is we both felt it...weird i know after going out with someone for 1 n half years.
i can say that love is hardest hing i had to endure my whole life its something that can make and break you and toy with your emotions,it sux if i had to do it over again i wouldnt fall in love ,im not strong enough rather not live on the edge and gaurd your feeling against these people that try and convince you otherwise.
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Long Island Ballito

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Weekend away

Weekend has come and gone and i had a kiff time with my friends.We booked a place in Ballito called Long Island,lovely place .We didnt do much just chilled watch movies ate alot ,had a braai.

I visited Tongaat a place called the village to do a lil shopping looks like a little grey street mmmm.My Bf stays there but its not my kind athing hey now i understand why they drive all the way to town to shop n chill.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


THings that are diffrent :

My new job
More stress
My boyfrend
My age

I dont like it much but i opted for it now im stuck here.

Weekends coming and we booked a flat in ballito lets see how it pans out.
I have to go shopping for food stuff today what a freaken headache.
Hope the weekends worth the wait n the trouble

Monday, July 28, 2008

All cried out

Thats what i am,the last week has been tiring nad taken a toll on me.

My granpa passed away last week friday and was buried a week later.
I think because it took so long fo rteh funeral everything was not laid down to rest until we actually had a chance to say goodbye,its still unbelievable but u cant hold onto someone foreva i was just blessed to have him for such along time.

Such is life of uncertantity i duno where im going, i feel sometimes like i just wantto give up on tehgood things in life.Is it just a fantasy to believe that everything will be good n fine oneday and forget the bad thing and hope they will stay in the past.

Why cant i just be happy,i do make the most of everything?????

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July holidays

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Im losing my mind although i think i lost it long time ago its just getting worse.

Im trying to think back to what the last few weeks and well its not coming to me.

Lets see my bro got hijacked i was quiet heartsore about da car but hes okay and thats all that matters.

Bf wise i fight alot make up alot and well thats normal for relationships everything in life has its ups n downs in n outs,but i love him lots and most.

Went for teh July 5 fm afterparty sucked big time lots of racial fights ,eish didnt have a good time at all.

July holidays rocked went out almost everyday for the last 2 weeks eating n joling,playing pool,jc and clubbing was relaxing enjoyed spending time with my friends.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fashion Week

The G Rajah show was quiet cute n girly with a touch of french.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not Me

I feel funny today just not myself no idea why tho.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Dragging myself to somewhere

This week went fast mainly cos i was sick for two days with the flu yet again.
i decided to return home for a few days missed my family and my irritating brother.

Lets see last weekend friday night me n sparky went to tilt for lady Lea,cant remember her playing,i took my cousin nicky with ,she was just downing the suitcases and well in the end she ended up n the car asleep and not in good condition.

Saturday morning i think i got an hours sleep then it was off to shop for my lil 2 yr old nephews party,it was a whole day affair i was exhausted by the afternoon with making party packs n laying the table.

In the evening me n cuz Kerry went to watch sex in the city and have supper at Spur,i fell asleep during the movie wasnt that grand i wont even bother watching it at home.

Sunday i woke up late made lunch for the kids and then went to vaca for a while chilled a bit then went back to the kiddies to make them supper.
I think il be great mother in time but not of 4 ,ill stick to just one.
No wi know what working mothers have to go through.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Still sick this week went to the doctor said i had bronchitis,eish like i can be sick i hate it.
This week marked mine and sparky's 1 year relationship anniversary,pat on the back for me longest relationship to date.

Sat we went to see 'What happends in Vegas' Kewl movie lots of laughs n i love those 2 they quiet a couple.

TRraxx off the rails was so boring,wasnt feeling well and MarcT wasnt that hot .YAWNNNN......

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Neither here nor there

I dont know if its the flu thats buggered me up ,i cant even think straight,i feel lost and confused.
Newamind "PHUK IT " il be fine i think.

I need my head checked maybe having some relapses,lol.
On the other hand im quiet dandy on the whole not counting the random anxiety attacks n shit.

Oh sparky bought me a feng shui fountain ,its soo pwetty,it helps really with my mental situation alot.

Monday, May 5, 2008

weekz holiday

Eish it was hard getting up after 1 week off from work,what a restful fun week i had,im so lazy to even think.

I partied hard,shopped ,went for some pampering,did my nails which didnt last long irritated the shit outta me,im a hands on kinda girl.

Oh Oh i got such a cute little blanket thingy mr sparky bought me from Mr price,eish i luv it.

We had a braai saturday nite a short lived one and then went to traxx for a while.
Friday night well went to tilt met up with some old frends....

What else to say i had a brilliant week with all my my friends i dearly love,after long im really happy.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh so Heavenly!!

Im officially addicted,can't wait to go home,
it makes the cold so much more bearable.

Don't buy me chocolate just throw bubble bath at me 'but miss'.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Playing mommy

The weekend was planned to be restfull,but the wrecking crew and their lil friends came over to stay,i had to put up with 3 *12 year old and 2 *5 year olds.

I cleaned the house saturday the whole day,saturday night came and all that was wrecked and dirtied,sun morning came 6 am blsting music and video games,then nikka n leonell starting baking burnt cookies and burnt bran muffin cake.

After making lunch for them i just gave up and slept till about 7 pm.
Yesterday was spent cleaning the house again ,i hope they don't visit this weeknd i had enough never give birth to any of these brats.

i rather party a bit n run away from there,im playing single female this weekend and week to come,i want to be alone this weekend.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Circle of ungratefullness

Is it the norm to take for granted the person that loves you and is a permanant stable fixture in your life.Im talking friends as well as relationships.

When you know for eg. your wife or gfriend is there, u can stop paying attention to her and stop attending to her every whim,but you rather pay atttention to a person and spend all your energy on the other person who doesnt really give a shit whether you exist or not.

I think in the begining of relationships its like that where everything is given both ways equally, and then its just down hill from there.

But nevau mind there is always someone that is giving you the effort and attention that you are lacking,its like a circle i supose.

Marriage always seems that way unless you are blessed with a good person as the other half and married you for the right reasons.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wear and tear

Im not well physically n mentally, i just feel xhausted like i cant go on.TOday was worse i had flippen cramps and there was no drugs,shit i slept most of teh morning at work until the pain subsided.

What is ths world without drugs ??
Sad and unhappy and full of tears.

On the other side of that comment.

Last night i heard a sermon should i say from a priest that came to pray for my granny and aunt.
He spoke about wear and tear of our body and our spirit ,and how we should fill this void up with God's Love and give all our pains and problems to God ,so true.

We need God more than we need anything in this materialist world.

I need a break from everyone,especially myself.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


The only beautiful things are the things that do not concern us.”

Soemtimes your best is never good enough and you are never good enough,and just maybe you should just let go because they are not good enough.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Sex And Money

Paul Oakenfold &Pharell

Cold, cold, cold but leaving me hot hot hot (cold) (x6)

Girls in the club want sex 'n' money
Girls in the club want sex 'n' money
Girls in the club want sex 'n' money
Girls in the club want sex 'n' money

Cold, cold, cold but leaving me hot hot hot (cold)
Cold, cold, cold but leaving me hot hot hot (cold)

Girls just want sex and money

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weeknd

This weekend totally rocked,I thought it would be boring but to my surprise i had a blast.Saturday nite i went my frends house for a braai chilled a while,then wen to traxx ,to my surprise i enjoyed dancing to some hardcore shit,only regret was not wearing more comfortable clothing.

I slept for 2 hours ,then went to winkelspruit till 4 ,then it was straight to vaca ,i dont remember which is a good thing but i had a blast nonetheless.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pon and Zi

Yay!! i found it ....I just love these characters and now i found them.
the blue is the girl and yellow is the guy..tooo adorable.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Catching up

Lets see it's been almost a month sonce my last post ,not like it had any details of my Fab life in it.

Work has been hectic taking its toll on me,thanks God the honours thesis are almost in and i dont have to see last years students anymore.This years students are a better much friendlier bunch though.

social calendar on teh whole has been quiet busy,made a few new friends i guess the year changed and so did my friends.

Change is good it exposes you to diffrent people with well different attitudes and perspectives on life.I was going thru a really hard time and then i met some friends who really where there for me and made me forget about all the inconsiderate self centred ppl that i know.

Lets see iv'e been to the beach in Ballito for a picnic one saturday afternoon with one of my buddies,it was an awesum sight totally beautiful,i need to go back there its alike a piece of heaven on earth.

Ive been to the opening of the new club traxx,not that grand wouldn't want to go back there again. Raffles was way better, had a party there met some guys and new hardcore rave freaks but no thanks im over that shit now.Went to Sibaya for that prawn festival,i ate prawns till it came out my ears.Ohh lets not forget tilt ive been there after a year since i fell i didnt look back,i met up with my old Tilt "buddies"hehe lets not go there,Tilt was nice Cups n Noushy came wit as well as the whole crew and not forgettin my cusn Sarah.

Guys well, i met a few that were really sweet and nice and lets say diffrent from the usual but too clingy,alls well with guys in the begining i mean they treat you like a queen and then when they get comfortable they take the fact that you will always be there for granted. and well im not ready to start anything with anyone i just want to be by myself.I dont think i can handle anymore emotional shit.

Well living arrangements have changed staying by my aunt,its really peacefull and diffrent to be independant,get up do what you want and well no curfew not like i want to go anywhere, i like the peace.

Monday, February 11, 2008

A note

Sometimes we forgot what life is all about,
We forgot what it meant to cry,
We forgot that pretending to be happy doesn't make you happy,
And that pretending to be smart doesn't make you smart,
We forgot that we can't just forget the past in fear o0f the future,
We forgot that we can't control falling in love,
And that we can't make ourselves fall in love,
And if we really do fall in love, then we can't make ourselves fall out of love,

I have learned that I can love,
I learned that it's okay to mess up.
And it's okay to feel like hell,
I learned its okay to complain and whine to all your friends for a whole day.
I've learner that sometimes the things we want most, we just can't have,
I've learnt that the greatest things about life parties or the hook-ups…

I've learned that sometimes the things we want to forget are the things that we most need to talk about,
I've also learnt that we only live once, so we must make the best out of life…

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Saturday night i had lots of fun,i went club hoping with a friend,Its been a long time since i danced to RNB,GREEEAAAATTT!!!

I did go for supper but i dirrent end up eating my calamari.mmm i wonder why....

Dancing is good for the soul so i say.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

My new guess bag

Ooh itz so pwetty