Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jump start juicer

So i decided since i have no will power and there is no quik fix for losing weight i rather invest now in a juice machine.My parents as well as my inlaws aslo bought one so the whole family is drinking juice crazy.

I havent started the diet though i am making juices and trying out recipes.I r eally didnt know that carrot juice is so yum! My bother on teh other hand is starting to be a hard core juice dieter and well has beaten everyoen and lost alot of weight.
You know my story will go next week, which never ever comes.

sighhhh.....I need some motivation

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Roma Revolving Experience

So saturday night, my husband and i and another couple that he works with decided to out the ever standing 'popular' Roma Revolving restaurant on the esplanade.

At first we were escourted to the sky bar to wait for our friends, the view was amazing i never knew a view existed of teh Durban habour and port, it was just wow something i would definetaly revisit.

so the decor lets start with  that, couler affects me really badly and everthing was old fashion and maroon, and that just got on my nerves.Our friends arrived we were seated and waiting almost half hour to 45 mins to get water and drinks.
after that it was just downhill everything came late and didnt taste that good,  maybe im just being mean and not used to service like that (meaning qouted by the waiter √≥ld school' ) so we had no option to put up the way they ran things which was every waiter serves every table no one for one table.

food wasnt up to scratch looked a bit shabby and well price we expted to pay 600 per couple but we paid around 350 per couple, so it wasnt too bad.But all in all im never going there again.