Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Busy Year End

Last few months have been busy,I got so much to do and it feels like nothing is getting done.Im getting married in two months and still no progress on anything.Going to Ct in a few weeks never even thought about that.

Im so delayed with everything!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

My lil babygirl

All the rush is over we shifted in like two weeks before eid and we were half settled in.My niece was here for Eid weeknd so i really enjoyed spending time with her.SHe kept me up most of teh time so had bags the whole week,but it was kewl she was too cute and entertaining.Waking up to her cute smile and her rolling all over the bed is something i miss :(

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spring is here!

And welcome to a new month new season and a new house and a new mmmm lemme think what else is new.

Well we moving this week,not so good in Ramadaan too much work too much memories to go through and throw away.Photo's, love letters,cards lets not forget penpal letters i used to write to girls in other countries gosh that was soo many years ago mmm i wonder whateva happend to them anyways.

Everyday is such a rush after work what to make for iftaar,then pack this n that n all my clothes, 'my prized possesions' i have no idea where they came from and i dont want to part with them but i have to :( i really need a walk in closet ,but i guess when i get married and have my own house.

I bought some new stuff for my room im over the the whole fuschia pink room with everything pink.Im going for Silver and Deep Purple so lets see how everything turns out,its a more mature couler for my older years to come.

So i went to buy some clinique products cos i love their skin range so i always get free things and this time i got this cool "all about eyes" eye roll on ball thing massage thing,very nice!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August is here!

Supose to be the month of year for me,but as i get older it just gets more sad n i dnt look forward to it :(
not that all my previous years werent well celebrated like it was a national holiday and everyone celebrated with me,always was such a big party time of the year for me.but now i just getting older and its sad to admit that, lol not like i can do anything abt it.

I can actually say ive changed and so have my ways old age has finally caught up with me,n i prefer to relax n do nothing.My bf has already bought me so much presents so theres nothing else i could ask for plus its in ramadaan so there,i can make lotsa duas that i age well.

We moving now,actually my parents are so we,ve been busy painting and tiling and redecorating ,such fun everything new n out with the old.It will be diffrent i wont be staying central town anymore moving to sherwood, no waking up to bus noises or taxi hooters,no neighbours screaming and fighting ,no more drama.

Now ill have to get my licence that's a must now because theres no busses or taxi's in my area.

So goes on busy August month,seems like the whole world is born in this month,all the arrogant,boastful lions(me)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

supper @ocean

Went for supper last night at Ocean basket marine parade,the service there really sucked,its the worse service ive had in such a long time.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Biryani Day

It was actually my bf best frends wedding yesterday so they had sorta 2 weddings on one day,very tiring but lovely.I had Biryani like the whole day im not complaining cause its one of my fav foods :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Healthy eating plan start

Anyhows i started a healthy eating plan 2 weeks ago,tryin to cut out carbs and junk food ,i have relapses on some days but mostly keeping on track.I need to lose the weight i picked up while i wa sick ,how hard is this going to be considering i love food and all i do is eat out,but im sorto managing.I have some friends dieting with me so the company is cool.So far i lost 2 kgs.yay for me!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


In the moonlight, in the daylight
Struggle to get on
And you know me, understand me
You will make me strong
You will make me strong
You will make me strong

Look at me, here I am
Reaching for your arms again
I saw the hurt and all the pain
And get back on my feet again

Hear you sighing through the crying
I am not alone
Cause he see me, want to be me
Melancholy so
Melancholy so

Look at me, here I am
Reaching for your arms again
I saw the hurt and all the pain
And get back on my feet again

Friday, May 14, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mixed Emotions

Gosh my head is spinning my mind is full of diffrent tHoughtS,I'm excited to be goin to jhb to see my frends and lil niece Ziya and to go be goin to tiestO on the other hand my heart is sore after my secoind aunty passed away from cancer this morning. I got the flu work is insane we have a conference friday I'm thinking what to wear what to do dozing myelf with meds to get better so I can be fine for the weekend. Its my 3 year anniversary n wondering wht ppl r trying to ruin my relationship n trying to get n the way.its too much too handle all too overwheming for me

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

first op

My first hospital experience mmm was at westville hospital awesome hospital like a 4 star hotel not bad for 8500 a night.Anestetic was the best lol one minute you in ten thearte looking around at the cold room next i opened my eyes 1 hour later all drowsy and happy :) no pain was felt for teh next two days nice big needles kept getting stuck in my thigh.

The post op was painful soon as the meds wore out and i had to go home the pain kicked in full force.i couldnt walk or sit up for a few days but now im all better alhamdz..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blackberry present

Yay! i got my blackberry today as a present,im still learning how to use it ,im soooo excited! I got teh 9700 bold

Monday, April 12, 2010

Certain times

Sometimes i just wanna be alone,most of the time i do.I dont like talking when im at work i dont like talking when i go home.Theres a time and a place to have conversations ,i dont like visitors and unnessary phonecalls,i wasnt always like this but this is what i like.

I cant make any excuse for being like this ,because im the happiest when imm left alone and everything is peaceful and quiet.I love my bf because hes quiet and talks when spoken too or when needs be.

Some people get on my last fuken nerve mostly those who have verbal D.

Now i just want to be left alone......i feel like sitting on the beach forever

Thursday, April 8, 2010


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We suppose to attend a frends wedding but after the boys picked me up they decided to get spur instead,then it was to suncoast for some gambling fun which wasnt any fun because everyone lost their money.We roamed around a bit ended up at King park after teh sharks match and joined in the fun on the grounds,was fun only thing i got wet and looked like soemthing the cat dragged in afterwards so i made a decision not to take any further pics for the night.
Saturday night continued at traxxx to celebrate a few friends bdays,i dont know why i thought it was my bday and well i was the worst behaved for the night and well most of teh night i had diffrent babysitters lol.What can i say i havent been out in like a really long time n partied.
Lets skip to Tuesday morning because thats when i was myself again,i spent the rest of the weekend at Palms at a frends place sleeping n eating but mostly sleeping.I went home Tuesday night but i wasnt the worst of the lot , my bf and friend only got outta bed last night and went to work today which is thursday morning, Thats the last for them im putting my foot down.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Down but not out

This year hasnt been all good start,it was one thing after the other,i got stressed out never had time for anyone or anything i never took care of myself,i dont know if i lost myself along the way i gave up.

I thought i was strong but there is only so much a person can take without breaking down and wearing out.the last couple of weeks were even harder to deal with cause my body let me down got sick and still am sick, my medication which i have to take for one month is driving me insane making me moody eat more ,feel depresssed it either stay sick or die in the process.

I just feel like giving up sometimes but i wont, i need to pick myself up and know tomorow is going to better in fact its going to be great!lol cos this is not me and i need to be and feel myself again with the help of the Almighty.

north coast

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a lil bit of fun n drama

Well the 3rd month is over,everyones 40 days are over,things are going back to normal if there is such a thing as normal.

Wednesday night we went clubbing first time this year, we went for ladies night and then had a blast till 3 am,my dad wasnt too pleased about that.So then came teh weekend went to Origin fri night was too much drama n issues for one night i think all teh girls that night cried lol is funny now but at that time it wasnt.

Sat night was house party night i did not partake in the nights festivities i went to sleep early.when i woke up everyone was going to sleep bleh im grown old i know.

Sundayw as fun we went for lunch to my frends house food was awesum thereafter to my bf house for a braai , need i say i did not go hungry teh whole weeknd.sis-in-law went back to Saudi monday evening and thereafter we went for supper again all 100 of us.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March has begun

And the boredom still lingures on, i was sick most of last week went o the doctor on Monday and the test all came back good,so i was happy about that.I was really scared thought that i was seriously sick again and was prepared for the worst.

SO trust in the almighty and everything will be okay. :)

Just something i saw,a girl was sitting nxt to me in Suncoast the other day,a young girl and a tiny one also and when i looked at both her hands they were burnt,i felt really bad for her shame.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Bf sister passed away saturday at the age of 29.This year hasnt been good at all how does a year start off with so much of death and sadness,im so scared to even answer my phone.

Work is non teh better still busy with teh 1 st year students

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Still Xhaughsted....

Its tuesday and i feel as if i dont even know what day it is.

This month has been really i dont even knwo the word..Another funeral friday and then sunday evening my mums brother met wit an accident ,some ass skipped the robot n smashed into them hitting the one side my aunt was sitting on,she just her neck thankfully having a BMW does pay off sometimes although the airbags were faulty and didnt open.

Work is hectic.Went to robyndale conf centre Monday was okay food was terrible though and i had to do minutes grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Friday, January 15, 2010

Not so good start to 2010

Last week i had an intention to dedicate a post to a friend i lost Shaahid G,i was in shock about how suddenly he passed away and that he was no longer here to share hes stories and make me laugh.

This week came with a bigger bang when my aunt and uncle passed away in a car accident,the last two days were tiring and really sad.Wednesday i spent the night in the hospital till 3 am with my 3 yr old nephew who survived the accident.

Life is short and unfair sometimes,but only Allah knows best.

Monday, January 4, 2010

life is sweet

2010 is my year BITCHES!