Monday, May 28, 2012

a decade of being lazy

So i decided or i am deciding to study, i am the most laziest person on earth when it comes down to studying or reading.This week im looking at courses and programs easy ones prefarably at UNISA or UKZN.Its for free yes and i wasted 10 years of studying for free.I dont know once i got my IT degree and 3 years of college i just started working and got totally lazy and never wanted to look at text books again.

I need to see what interest me at this age and time in my life.Im thinking project management, even though one of my modules in my degree was project management but more IT related projects with programming.

Wakey Wakey brain cells.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Wake up! Everthing has changed

Sooo things at work started slowing down, i actually have time to think now.

Time to move stuff around my new office, i moved in January but really i never took time to enjoy it or decorate it now i can move my stuff in from the old into the new and make it reflect my personality.We are now a combined school consisting of three commerce disciplines, Management,IT and governance.Its not all joyful, i miss my frends 'The guys' so to say.I am now surrounded by Woman that scandal,Moan and are so lazy.
Working 6 years in IT was awesome, fun and informative.Here theres no conversations about gadgets or new software or new phones and who got what!Now its whats for supper, hows the kids bla bla.
I could scream!!!!

I guess now ive got to be a lady and worry more about my makeup and clothes as if i give a fark about those things, but i will try.

So my plan is now to get things in order and start planning my personal life and get it into order. mmmmm
Appointments appointments

Monday, May 7, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

This is my Life

This is something that really ticked me off recently.

A friend of my husband's was having a conversation about where we were going on the weekend and why we werent available,so we were going to my grannys 40 days, now knowing that my granny is not muslim he said to my husband' its advisable to stay away from any prayers and you guys can go for lunch as to not be disrepectable.

Firstly this guy does not know my family or my granny and what takes place at this 40 days lunch.What gives him the right to judge me or my family and comment how i live my life and where i go??If you dont know what happends in peoples live sand you are not there to witness aything mind your own fuken business.Some people will argue and say he has a right as a muslim to advise you  but really some people dont look at their own wives and their own families then want to add their two cents.

Growing up i was always strong and stubborn about who i was and what my beliefs were, I never worried about what people thought of what i did and where i went and what was the correct way of doing.They talked, they judged , they got over it!I lived my life my way not anybody else's.I grew up multi-racial , multi -cultural.I accepted people for who they were and what they did in their own was their business.At the end of the day i know who i am, where i want to be, i know what goes on between me and my Allah.I  love my life and wont change anything about me and my life.

For arguments sake!My grannys 40 days was done the muslim way with lunch but does he know this no!My granny is my other mother that i stayed with half my life from teh day i was born when my mum n dad had to go to work,does anybody care about that when they judge  you.I didnt judge this guy when he married a tamil girl, her family and mine is not the same.

doing it Old School

I did it old school after ages, i went out and partied fell flat and dont remember how i got where.Me and my two cousins like old times after ages,and then you remind yourself that was the last and im not young anymore it takes way more time now to recover.

But i had a blast and i loved it!!now they gone back to Jhb and maybe we will try it in another two years.
 I still got it lmao ;) Back to being a wife