Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rain out and about

Friday night seemed like a good night to plan on having our braai.
SInce we,v seen nothing but hot days and even hotter nights,i cheked the weather forecast and everything seemed clear. SO we got everone together unplanned and went to Lugzz to have a braai,abt 1 hour into the braai it started drizzling,as teh night went on we just got more wet,we were having a nice time so we moved the braai to under tree,s.

Lucky everyone wanted to still carryon even though everything was wet and we couldnt see a thing.

Around 10 we decided to call it a night packed up and we drove around from garage to garage smoking and eating like we were on an internal road trip to nowhere land. Saturday morning i woke up early went shopping with zai and my mum,bought sum clothes and winter jerseys.

Saturday afternoon went out with my friend Mr sparky,movies and supper was fun ,i enjoyed a quiet and relaxing evening. Sunday we went shopping again,we went to mall and shopped till we literary dropped. Thereafter spend the rest of the day at my grans house watching movies.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentines Day!

Okay even though i dont have a loved one and i dont have a boyfriend ,im quiet optimistic about V-Day.

Well i think its cute and funny. Well my house on valentines morning was hilarious , i had my mom n cuz cursing and swearing poor cupid ,and well teh guys not that interested, i had my bro sending and sms to hes girlfriend with adiffrent name on it.

I woke up to a few sms,s from friends which was all i wanted on that day. I went to work where everyone was more funnier and students were walking around with gifts and roses ,i just thought it was cute.I got a rose from james my friend which was too sweet.
I got a phone call from sue which really made my day.

WHo needs a man when u got friends that love you.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Naked Heart Party

Its being a while since iv'e been out to party ,so saturday was a big party on the embankment at an old hotel.
It was somehing diffrent to see mostly art,models,a theatre acts n dancers. later after all the entertainment died down,the place got packed teh shows finished off and it turned into night club mode ,which was kool.

The hotel was old and victorian,had lots of diffrent rooms and little places to seek out ,very classy and had an eiry air around it.

The night went on and everyone ended up coming ,everyone was looking hecticly sloshed ,and i think after a long time of not seeing each other everyone was catching up on gossip and whose lost where.

I made a new friend ,really sweet guy mr sparky,he kept me company the whole night which was nice and diffrent from hanging with the regualr crew whole night.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Busy Working

This week has been so busy with campus starting and students coming in and out for registration,We have new tutors but i havent seen them cause ive been busy.

Last weeknd i watched the whole first season of prison break,hopefully this week ill watch the second season.Ive become a real couch patatoe to say i actually stayed at home another weeknd watching tv.

Sunday we wanted a day out even though its summer and its blistering hot ,we left the house at 6 pm and went to the beach ,had a few drinks at vaca-B and had a bit of fun ,Mr _F joined us after a long time ,just him and the 3 girls yets again.