Wednesday, December 2, 2015

TKR One year post op

So its been a year since my operation. Yay! one year ago since my new knee - leg watever. I started with biokentist on campus every week and gym in the evenings.Some weeks i over do it and have to sit out training or excercising  for a week.I trip and my  legs pain but i get up again. I'think its about getting back up again always after you fall or you get a setback.

You have to help yourself cos everyday is a struggle, you have to motivate yourself because you can't be like the rest.They wont break but you will.
Life is busy and carries on all of a sudden you dont have time to play games or worry about petty things or petty people, you just trying to survive.

I cant measure up to anyone cos i dont know anyone who has the same op as me.So its hard to know where my limits are or am i just being lazy and letting myself fall behind 'im so good at doing that'.

But im better and im getting there... i have to be.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Happy Birthday to me

Strange enough this year i dont have that overwhelming feeling of anxiety..that fear of I'm not where I suppose to be.Its a feeling I get every birthday where I analyze my life and where I really am on the measure up list.
Its been a hard year and I'm glad it's over,  for me well''
.I've learnt a lot this past year especially patience and perseverance. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.There's been these moments,,they came not once but many times where I felt helpless and like nothing can be worse than not being able to help yourself do the simplest of things, and then it I had to ask for help or let someone help me cos I can't do evrthing myself no matter how strongwilled or independent I think I am.
I realized that when I get older my parents won't be around to help me when I'm at my worst and you can't really rely and on anyone else to give u the help you need so what do u do...something I need  to think about!!
I feel at ease and calm I don't have to be anywhere or be anything at this moment.I'm just trying to make it through the day.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lifes obstacles

Thinking back to the last years of my granny being alive, she always dressed up showed up  and wanted nice things.I still remember her in hospital asking me to get her a  new black bag.Her spirit never gave up, no matter how old or how sick she was.

So i sit here a week before my next operation,i feel like giving up on everything and like everything is at its worst, then i remember my granny and her amazing fighting spirit and zest for life.

I can do it.Just another obstacle in life.Its not the end.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Smile.. for no reason

It's so impossible to be invisible . everybody sees you,studies you and asks whats up with you?? I dislike seeing people i havent seen in ages

Now you have dress up and make up for being the centre of attention even though you rather just blend in with the wall or the crowd around you.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Almost done with being drugged up

So today decided to cash in on my  script from the doctor of Tramacet.
Ahh 3 months post op.Have been off the pain meds for while back at work and just working through the pain.
So I'm like immune to this pain killer.Totally amazing when you laying in hospital with a broken femur for two weeks . It really helped me get through the toughest pains at first before and after . Though after it made me really nauseous and stop eating for 3 weeks . not a pain killer for the weak.
So if you wana sleep for 3 days take one of that crazy ass drug if not don't even try that shit it's on a whole new level.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

TKR physio time

So been doing my thing at Westville hospital twice a week . Physio is kewl never knew I could Do all the things I try there especially on the trampoline and sqauts. wow why would I do squats with the behind I have...anyhoo it's fun and I got no choice cause my physio is like a exercise policeman.

Get on that and do this and so many reps!!!

It's like a mini gym at the hospital.
So I see this Zulu lady every time I go she's sitting there outside the lift so I assume she's a nurse that always coming off her shift.

So I asked her and apparently she's there for dialysis three times a week . so I think I'm not so bad I still have my health and my functioning organs . Shukr alhamdullilah.

Spontaneous. ..maybe some other day

You hear let's do this and we'll I'm ever ready to take on the world and a second later you realise, well you can't . Maybe next time when you are able and you are better .

Being better is taking forever in my world.

Friday, January 9, 2015

So many months later

Sooo in October I had a little accident while in the shower and broke my femur . everything after that is kinda a blur I stayed 1 week in Westville hospital with my broken bones . While there I was told I had a tumour that weakened my bones and so I fell.

My next adventure took me onto Cape Town which lasted just over a month . I had to see a tumour and replacement specialist and there I had my surgery done. A new knee and femur and so it's 5 weeks after my surgery and I'm going for physio and trying to walk.

Life has been hard not being able to do things for your self and depending on  your family for help . I'm so blessed with so many people that helped me along the way and constantly pray for me.

So this year or the next few months will be trying to get back into normal things while hopping along.