Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another year gone by....

Its that time again when you blink and the year has just passed you by.

A bit of a mild anxiety attack, your mind races what have I done what haven't I done? Let me make a list  ''fuck that'' ill never get to that list ...Why because work just screws me over everyday taking up 90% of my everyday life leaving me with no time for myself.

I can't wait for December and my Cape Town holiday. Its been such a stressful planning with our letting agent letting us down and only last week found another house to rent for the Dec Vacation, but all is well hopefully I can't put up with that nonsense any longer.

Last couple of months were just survival mode, hopefully I can start sorting things thing that matter out.

I am number 1 in procrastinating.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Back to the Dentist

So after suffering in silence for a couple of weeks I decide to drag myself off to the dentist.
My last visit was a year ago for cleaning where I unexpectedly had a new dentist who hurt me so bad,
I mean it was a cleaning!

Who gets hurt when having a cleaning? He told me to come back after a week and well I didn't, so my gums got worse and now I have abscesses all over so now it's a month long visits to the dentist.

I guess i'm being punished for something 'sigh' all those random evil moments I have its coming back to bite me.