Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Eating more again

1 pm -Newlands East for lunch with aunties and uncles from Moms side

8pm-Supper with Dads family at Jaipur Palace,food was terrible.SUXXXX

Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas eve

Xmas eve was spent in wentworth,there was no one there as my granparents were renovationg and painting,so me nika n zai were putting up the tree and decorations.
Later my other cousins arrived from jhb,we went next door to sit with teneal and them, imean after ages i was in their house maybe a year since my cousin had a fight with them ,neways we found ourselves sitting in their house eating their food and what not.
There were two pregnant coulered girls amongst the group,both drinking and smoking and getting down and dancing.EISHHHH!!
Most of the talk was about getting a child and being able to support it,i laughed alot,after a long time i sat with the peopless and listend to their chunes.
Midnite came and so did MR F ,so we took a drive with him around town and about.
Woke up went to Umbilo to bath n change and back to Wentworth for Xmas lunch with my moms family.
Night came ,Me Leonie n Zai went to News Cafe for supper and then home to sleep.

Friday, December 21, 2007


I want it to stop,i want it to go away....

leave me ive endured enough already,im not strong enough.

I thought i was but im not.

Where do i unsign all the wrong things in my life.

THis year has taken all out of me,but i took it cos it was meant for me,but i dont want it anymore,i want it to go away.

I want to forget.

Why cant i get half of what i want,Just the happiness part.

It's not alot ,and it dont cost much.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Im tired im done with crying,im done with people trying to fuck me over.
Why people just dont leave me alone,this weekend i had messages from soem bitch trying to fuk up my relationship, i guess shes doing a good job.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Make or break

Life isnt so good right now,last couple of months have been a bit stressful and alot of things have happend,but in the end i came out okay.

I had one of the worst weeks of my life and one on top of each other and two problems of diffrent sorts including me breaking up with my bf and vise versa.

But today i appreciate life and the people that i love and the opportunities i have,and realise life shouldnt be wasted on highs that dont last long and people that dont appreciate you.

My cousin died last night in a car accident and my lil 3 year old cousin is sick,things like that are big and serious and cant be helped or avoided.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Me n jamez in da bus on da way to nottingham rd

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Me galz

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Life is such

My parents have being away from last week friday,i miss them i wish they'd come back home soon.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween ...

My weekend was awesome to say the least.

Friday night we spent at Sibaya ,gambling the little money we had left and then to Nandos ,I think by far Sibaya has the best,twice ive eaten there and it was perfect.

I spent saturday afternoon in La mercy with Mr sparkys friends,i like a few of them n some not really,i prefer my own people,we had a braai in La mercy village and a small little picnic on the grass,it was a kewl afternoon spent relaxing i took my cousins with, so it was fun.

It was kewl to be back amongst the damned and the stupid.
Saturday night rocked,once again we graced durban yaught club with our presence ,this time around it was halloween.The entrance and the whole place was decked in gory scary stuff and well people were too,lots of girls went as black n white angels and witches.The guys were more extreme wit their faces painted n capes and blood everywhere.

They handed out sweets and littel gifts at the entrance.Neways everyone was there,my 2 cousins sarah n sakina joined us for the night after like ages we went out.As per usual the night was filled with littel dramas but nothing to drastic,everyone was still the same,sitting around on the beach dancing ,scandling ,catching up on stories.

Sunday morning rolled around and the night was over and i was totally exhaughsted.
I never have much sleep on the weekend,so sunday was sleeping day.
Once a month is enough now for partying,errr lets hope.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How i spent my Eid

Ramzaan has gone by in a flash, sometimes you think twice before you eat or drink water,just the after effects i guess.

Well Eid this year was like any other only a little more hilarious.
We spent the first half of the day giving the neighbours cakes n cupscakes we bought at woolies early that morning.Well dont sneer or omg! us as yet,our oven decided to give up on us so we couldnt bake anything this year.
Well Zaida baked a chocolate cake and hungarian tart that got burnt the night before in the neighbours oven,so we decided to throw the towel in and opt for woolies perfect cakes.
Second half was spent waiting for our other halves to come pick us up and meet the family,Yeah not even the parents the whole family on Eid day.

Shame they were so nervous,lots of hyperventilating and stopping the car was being done,me n Zai were totally ripped.Well it went well and a few minutes into the evening they were comfortable.
Im sad ,everyone is going for Tiesto,:(...
I will be strong this weekend.
I have more pressing issues in my life to sort out,time is not on my side this part of the year.

I know i always say i try but i dont try hard enough, that will lead to my down fall.
Yesterday was mine n Mr Sparky's 5 months, but it seems like forever.

Friday, October 5, 2007

IOD - Part 2

Okay so, My week hasnt gotten any better,Thats my last injury up to date.
Im sick with the flu the whole week,Tuesday night as i was taking the cottage pie out the microwave the gravy spilt all over my wrist and burnt me.

Poor Me,was so painful,but its getting better now.

The fast is almost over now,1 week to go and its Eid.
A bumpy road is ahead for me,but ill take each day as it comes.
Nobody is sure of tomorrow or whether the choice they make today will be the right one,im one of those people.


My burn scar


Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

IOD.. WHere do i claim?

The UKZN bus, the only mothe F#%&*n bus going to town around 4 pm,it leaves at 3.45 and gets to town at 4.It gets full everyday, and you bound to get injured everytime you put foot on the bus.

SO neways yesterday i was fortunate to get a seat at the back of the bus and was quiet happy i wasnt standing this time around.I was sitting quiet nicely ,mxiting away when suddenly the bus takes a sharp turn i went flying off my seat,managed to grab the rail in front of me,and i nearly missed the floor,my bag on the other hand wasn't that fortunate.

That there was my second last updated injury to date(touch wood).I carried on in town n then ask me how manage to hit my wrist against a steel vendors table,now my wrist f-UUp.

I wana go one week without getting injured.

It started with my back 2 weeks ago,when in the bus again some cow was leaning on me everytime the bus turned n almost dislocated my back,it was swollen n i was getting headaches and nausea for one whole bloody week.

Then Monday yes.. monday this week,my brother like a big donkey starts playing fighting with me,cuts my lip and my finger.It's not enough for me to be going through emotional stress i must still get messed up in other ways.

Okay pity party is OVER!!!!

The miserable weekend is here.

Monday, September 17, 2007


This morning as i rushed to get ready for work, my perfume bottle broke into a 100 little pieces. Its broken now i can't use it ever again, i just had to pick it up, throw it in the bin and carry on.

Sometimes in life, no matter how hard you try to manage things on your own, it’s not possible, in the end you give up.

That’s who I am, that’s what I do 'I Give Up'.

I started the weekend with my mind on something exciting but it all just fell apart, i lost my spirit along the way with the help of some uncalled for remarks.

Maybe it was a good thing, to face what is ahead instead of trying to push it one side, maybe it is better to deal with what lies in front of you, being positive is not part of the deal anymore.

This morning i feel much better, Maybe i can pick up the pieces of my shattered spirit, just maybe all is not lost, because after all I’m stronger than i think i am.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Herbal Tea and ME

So the journey has ended with me and my herbal tea that i loved so much,apparantly the lady has a problem with getting the Earthlife tea all the way from Cape Town.

SO yesterday i went to the health shop in west street,and the lady there gave me some leaves and other crap to boil and drink,was'nt so bad im used to drinking tea that taste like drain water.Im so sad now.

I care about my tea,even if other people don't.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Im One of them

Well the last couple of months was a slow transistion i suppose,from being single carefree party girl,to one of those 'I got a boyfriend' type.

Never thought id be there but i am,took some time and my prioritise changed from my friends to just him.Don't get me wrong i always make time for my friends but not like before.

Well the change has been good on me as an individual,I have slowly learned to say i do have a boyfriend and not stutter.
I have more direction and goals in life,i think that is the most positive influence thus far and well i have more happiness and laughter and love.

Isnt that some of the most important things in life,I dont know where the road leads next or where the road ends or if there will be bends and rocks along the road but i will make the best of right now.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Birthday !!!

Yes it was a weekend filled with lots of hugs ,love and kisses.

Another year has passed me by and im still the same sweet little girl ive always been,maybe next year this time ill be all grown up,not like i was ever in a hurry.
Who knows hey,what the future holds.

But surprisingly this year was different from the rest of my previous birthdays, i did go out and celebrate and hit the each party the night before and saw everyone that means alot to me,but it was the whole weekend and spending it with someone special that actually made the diffrence.

Anyways it was special all in all,because of cos im special.hehe.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

For friends and Food

The weekend has passed by yet again ,and its getting closer to my birthday, this is the time when i go into deep analysis of the year gone by and realise ive done nothing different and still trying to achieve goals I’ve set 10 years ago, okay not really 10 years ago maybe 2-3 years ago.

Friday night we tried to be spontaneous yet again and landed up at a Moroccan restaurant on ST Thomas road called “Fabulous" at first the place was amazing with the different smells from the hooka pipes and the various eastern fabrics to the copper antics and cutlery laid out for display. The upstairs was the eating area done in cushions and candles, set for a romantic private evening.Neways the shock came with the menu not being a set one and not even a decent coldrink on the side to order.R300 later we were hungry,we couldn’t eat the calamari it was maybe still alive drizzled in burnt oil. Sucked big time we headed to Florida road Nandos for old faithful quarter chicken.

Saturday night we all met up for late night coffee at Mug n Bean a delightful evening spent screaming and laughing hilariously at each other. It was a little goodbye to Ms B as she was leaving for a month holiday in London. At the same time a wonderful surprise is that my long lost favourite friend Junaid has returned from London after 2 n half years.

Saturday evening was spent with Mr Sparky,We ended up watching Mr Brooks, a suspense thriller i would say, kept me glued to the screen, I love movies when u still don’t know what to expect and there 5 minutes left of the movie.

And Sunday was spent at my grannys house eating biryani and koeksisters as per usual.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bearable supper

Last night me and Mr Sparky went out for supper,although we tried to chose a difffrent place to eat,we ended up going for copper chimney's buffet on north beach.It was the first and well last time we gonna eat there,I just wanted to finish n leave,not good enough for me,i just ate the chiken tikka and naan.

The beach was full,surprisingly on a wednesday night full of little boys in kurtas,have no idea what they came to durban for.

Campus started again,a bit busy ,i need to stock on my pressure tablets for the next week.
I don't know how some students get to undergrad level of education,when they can't read simple signs on the doors.

Surprisingly enough im in a good mood and in high spirits ,even the mail man said i look happier.mmm wonder why ??

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Calm after the storm

Damages have been assessed ,clearer skies are predicted for the next few days to come.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Weekend was lovely,okay mostly sunday night,the bonfire on the beach party was off the hook.
Everyone was there ,getting up to the usual nonsense,i did get to sit around the bonfire for a while with some of my old friends,brought back some good memories of good ol times.
Had a few emotional uncalled for outburst,but its not a night if theres no drama.
Now im buggered and hanging_zn for today

Monday, July 23, 2007


Aint it funny how sometimes you sacrifice your own hapiness for others yet ,the same people make such an effort to make u unhappy.

Theres only one thing i always wanted and thats to be happy,i never have a want for material things or what other people have,Is being happy such a awful thing to want.





Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some like it "Hot" and well "Not"

Last night episode of Top Model was such a dissapointment ,it should be called America's Next top Skank.How could Yoanna win,nebody but her.All the freaken hype for nothing,wasted i tell you,Me and my big mouth will win the next season,just watch this space 'SPACE' .
I will wait in much anticipation for the next season.

Ugly betty is a breathe of fresh on the other hand,i screamed and laughed, food for my soul i tell you,My new role model ,im getting braces n those hot red glasses to add some spunk to the new ME look.

Okat that really calls for me to be heading in Virgin active's direction,lets see my imagination can have me waking up everyday at 5 am rolling in gym and then onto work like all the normal people.
You know which normal people im refering to,you know those ones when u driving home 6 am from a party or the club and they on their bicycles and those running with their white shorts on a sunday morning and you look at them and wonder what the hell possesed them to get up and run on a sunday morning instead laying in bed next to their 100 yr old wife or husband.

James brought me a book to read, i havent read in ages,shame on me ya ya blah blah.
I watched 'Transformers' the movie btw and it kicked ass,as Jonathan would say "briliant".
Im heading off this weekend to catch it on the big screen again.

Monday, July 16, 2007


I so like and approve of this,just puts a smile on my face.
I didnt think we'd get tickets to Imax for Harry Potter friday night but surprisingly we did,i really wanted to go and see it i practically nagged and to me it was a bit of a dissapointment from the previous ones i just thought it was a bit weak and there wasnt a big show down in the end,thats my view other people thought it was brilliant.The nandos at gateway was non the better,weak and not well done ag,ok enough of my complaining.

Okay the planned part of the weekend didnt fall through,we planned to go to the circus and well the lines were just too long ,and i hate lines,maybe we'l go next week to Ballito or Toti.
Saturday night was just supper and relaxing on the beach and quick whizz through suncoast.
My office is still looking like a paper construction site,im trying to get the new filing and cupboards done.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Im never one to question what's to come or the future i always let things slip by and take each day as it comes,il never worry about an hour or a year from now,but what i have in front of me right now.

Last night my brother gave me n zai an asumption of our current relationships and well kinda put doubts in our minds about lots of things.Well after our talks, i had too much of doubts and questions,luckily for us our psychologist cousin paid us a visit and put our minds at ease.I think in future i will trust my own judgement.This morning i asked questions that still bugged me a bit and my answer went as follows:

"we dont know wat the future holds but we can create a future by living the present"

Neways i trust that everything will be what it's supose to be,i guess it's normal to be doubtful and insecure nothing is promised not even tomorrow.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Rocking music

All the hype from the weekend to come has gone by so quikly in a flash.

Friday i wentto the beach to say that i actually did go stand around milkylane ,see people i havent seen for ages,met up with my friends from jhb had soem nandos and went home,the beach cold just dont agree with me.

Saturday i never end up going to the July because Zai left our tickets at work grrrrrrrr.
Neways the afternoon wasn't wasted i spent it going with mr sparky having lunch twice should i say,snack n then snack of my

Saturday night came really fast,got all dressed up,my mum wasn't impressed with mine n zai short things,nevamind it hardly happends,it was classy not slutty' i think '.Neways after scouting all teh afterparties and most places were sold out we settled for old faithfull 330 afterparty in some memorial hall.

Wasnt a bad choice ,the new band formed by Martin totally rocked,the night went on but my hairstyle didnt last as planned.

Great night as per usual,with the greatest company.Sunday we were tired but we went with Mr F to vaca,it was empty but we had a blast just us mad things getting up to nonsense.

Got soem kewl prizes from So -Co.
check it out.

Monday, July 2, 2007

By the Lake

Friday night started out with having my usual favourite chinese rice,and then well things could only get better,lol.I watched Shrek 3,as usual it rocked,i love everything about shrek movies,now they got a few more little ogres.

Well Saturday was a bit of a rush ,in the afternoon Mr sparky and I took my little cousin and had a mini braai at Lugz by the fake lake,what to do,no real lakes around,didnt seem like we were in durban though,it was quiet around the lake.There were the typical indians,an old group of men wrestling and fighting,and holding each other back,some things never change,but shame as long as they had a good time.

Well i ate my burnt spare ribs till my heart's content,Imaam bux' spare ribs are undeniably the best,then we smoked some apple n mint ooka pipe.Well all in all we had a good evening,We ended off our night at Mug n Bean needed something to warm us up,so i had the new white hot chocolate with hazelnut and honey syrup,something devine to have before you go n sleep.

Sunday i spent most of it in bed,got a bit of a cold from the night air,old age now i get sick easily.
Oh! n i got a new 'Guess' wallet from my babes,so tweet.

Neways i got my new fav song from Timberland going on....Way I Are (feat. Keri Hilson and D.O.E.)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Glamorous aint I

Its thursday yay! week flew by i guess huh!

Well sunday night ended in fun with the girls and Mr F... bumping to he's new RnB trax,drastic change boy,wonder what else he's got going on.
Won't mention details just that i ended up with my nandos and thats awl that ever matters.

This week had my boss's daughter keeping me company playing stardoll and bratz,so cute i want bratz shimmer lotion tooo,anyhows check marking and shit almost over,James is sooooo lazy, u can't get decent help these days.

(feat. Ludacris)
If you ain't got no money take your broke ass home
You say: If you ain't got no money take your broke ass home



Im officially broke till next week monday,well i guess il be sniffing benzine with jonathan this weekend.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Typically ME

8 words women use...
> 1.) "Fine" : This is the word women use to end an argument when they
> right and you need to shut up.
> 2.) "Five Minutes" : If she is getting dressed, this means a half an
> Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more
>minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.
> 3.) "Nothing" : This is the calm before the storm.
>This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin
>with nothing usually end in fine.
> 4.) "Go Ahead" : This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It!
> 5.) "Loud Sigh" : This is actually a word,
>but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men.
>A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is
>wasting her time standing here and arguing with
> you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.)
> 6.) "That's Okay" : This is one of the ! most dangerous statements
>women can make to a man.
>That's okay means she wants to think long and hard
> before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.
> 7.) "Thanks" : A woman is thanking you, do not question, or Faint.
>Just say you're welcome.
> 8.) "Don't worry about it, I got it" : Another dangerous
> meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several
>but is now doing it herself. This will later result in a man asking
> "What's wrong?" For the woman's response refer to #3.
All these are typically me ,but ,mostly when im in a pissed state,and it usually tells on my face especially the "Nothing"

Friday, June 15, 2007


Somehow my plans for the last 3 days didnt work out as scheduled,the flu hit me from no where and practically disabled me.I hate this type of flu ,the one that makes u weak and makes u feel nauseus,like u on deaths doorstep.

Anyhows i got through it okay,with the help of Zai ofcos poking and pushing my head knowing im unable to defend myself,another thoughful thing i wont forget is when she got up in the morning and said "hey bitch are you okay",such love what more could i ask for.
Alas im back at work,almost all better and catching up on exam stuff to be sorted out.

On the relationship front :Defining a relationship

Okay so after lots of discussions amongst individuals,we trying to figure out how to define a relationship that that doesnt have a name.This is a day and age where not many young adults ask each other out its just a natural understanding that we are a couple and theres no need to say 'would you go out with me' ,its just an 'Understanding' between the two concerned.

You get:

Jolling -where you are kissing friends and you allowed to have others.

Friends with benefits -Where you are friends but undercover benefits are happening.

Bf/Gf -basically going out ,almost married type of situation.

So what do u call a commited relationship,where the understanding is mutual and consent for certain things are needed?

Everybody seems to be sitting on these types of relationship,undefined,i think it just gives space for trouble to let itself in and lots of hearts to be broken.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Thursday night : Random House Event -North Beath southern sun
Free books, free food, seriously it was an enjoyable evening,only thing was missing was the popcorn,the craving came from them giving us empty popcorn boxes to tick the books we wanted, i took a Nigella Express and 2 of Danielle Steele's upcoming books for my mom.

Friday :Meeting -Greenleaves ,Camelot -Hilcrest
Our school Meeting was held at Camelot on Friday the whole day,i never knew such a beautiful place existed on our doorstep.It just makes u wish u lived in such midievil times of castles n knights and banquets set for kings and queens.

Saturday :Gateway + Pavilion

We were the essence of mall rats on saturday ,makeovers,lunch, picking on couples,talking to total strangers who didnt want to hear our stories, we left Pavz at around 9 pm,tink we wore out our stay.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Weekend of Heroes

Okay ive joined facebook yesterday,im such an addict OMG! ill get over it i think.

The Weekend has passed by yet again,most of it was spent in front of the Tv watching the new in series "Heroes",its not as addictive as prison break but as good.Last night we finished watching episode 15 then we had to call it a night,my dad hid the last 5 episodes because me n Zai misplaced from episode 6 -10 and he stopped at 5....eIsh man its a mini war going down.

Saturday i spent with Mr Sparky at Pavz,then we watched the movie "Next" one of the best movies iv'e seen this year and contributing to it topping my list is Nicolas Cage ,that man is a brilliant actor and i love the way he talks, ooh neways my babes was sick so went home around 9pm.The plans was to spend the evening either at Rifads or Shenazies house ,well after weighing options of possible places to hang out,we ended up yet again at Panama.Dean Fuel rocked the decks this week,bring us the funkiest house music,who needs JHb's ESP we got it all happening right here in our own back yard.

Sunday was lazy day catching up on sleep, got some Gallitos for lunch,went visiting my aunts then slept the afternoon away.

Neways back to the topic of 'Heroes'.

I dont know but have you noticed how guys in general nowadays arn't so ruff and tuff,they more metrosexual and into glamourising themselves up.It's about the hair ,the outfit,the car,they can't stand up for themselves they rather just avoid confrontation.

What the hell happend to all the real men?Im stuck without a hero kidding

I think the women have taken the role over,it seems we can take control now and call the shots.

But i think it all depends on what type of guy you want.
Okay so much for my gender bashing here,i love you guys even though yall more of girly than i am.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A week in my life!

This Week has gone by really fast,well its because ive been busy with students and exam queries,lets hope everything goes smoothly.At least somethings in life can be controlled and other things you just have to sit back and let destiny run its course,whatever is meant to happen will.

Lets see the weekend brought lots of highs and lows but i was mostly high ,lol in high spirits trying to live in the moment.Panama friday night was awesome,after long i partied all out "Roger Goode VS Martin McHale",all good grace goes to Martin ofcos,untouchable yet again.

Anyways before that experience everyone else went to chek out Lady Lea but i was watching "Pirates"yes Pirates of the Cari-Be-an 3 as some would say.First time i watched the whole film and i had to so i was forced to enjoy it.I dont actually remember watching one,but POC 2 i remember..... me ,zai n noori went with the boys to watch it,then an hour into the movie we fell asleep,then I yes I came up with the idea of running away,yes we all dont have cars but we were ditching the guys,so the 3 musketeers ran around gateway 11.30 pm in the night looking for a lift to town,this being saturday night ofcourse.

Anyways we phoned Mr F our superhot friend(hehe) and he picked us up and took us to 3s for an awesome night that we can't really recall.Oh! wait i can recall now,we didnt go home we went to Kranskop for the first time ,yes with Ridwaan n Otta ,saw the farm for the first time,smelt fresh air and well saw the farm life upclose and personal.Okay i could go on but i rather not,ill keep that little roadtrip in my head.


I wish i could stop time or maybe fast forward just a little,so i don't have to live in certain moments,but if i dont go through those moments i won't learn from them and it only adds character to me or my life.I guess it teaches me a lesson,but whether i chose to learn from the lesson is really the question.Is it too late to ask for some direction?.I suck big time at writing but nevertheless i write,i think i need to put a pre-warning on the top of my blog.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007

being little

The week is over ,went in a flash,hope the weekend drags on n on.Yesterday i spent the day with my boss's 7 year old daughter playing zwinky dressing the little dolls up,its so nice to be little,nothing really matters besides barbie and school and accessories, and all the sing along songs.

Sweet man,but i dont wish to be young again i like being able to go out buy clothes ,shop and talk about real issues and know the world i live in is not plastic.

Aye but nothing is stopping me from playing zwinky whole day.
ya ya il grow up some day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Music and Lyrics

Last night yes yes yes i watched Music and Lyrics a total chick flick,i love Drew Barrymore she's a sweety and my favourite actress.I enjoyed the entire movie with the GAY songs and lyrics,i got the sooo gay part from my brother who watched little bit of it.

Anyhows weekend came and went,the usual people, the usual drama and the dissapointment of the sharks losing,okay i had to mention it since everyone is trying not to but we celebrated none the less.Sunday i watched the movie 'Fracture' really good movie thats all i can say,but dont waste your time going to watch it.

I did some match making over the weekend,worked out great,now im playing cupid.wooohooo.Not like i always dont.

Artist: Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore Lyrics
Song: Way Back Into Love Lyrics

Hugh:I've been looking for someone to shed some light
Not just somebody to get me through the night
I could use some direction,
and I'm open to your suggestions

All I want to do is find a way back into love
I cant make it through without a way back into love
and If I open my heart again
I guess Im hopin you'll be there for me in the end

Haley:There are moments when I dont know if its real
or if anybody feels the way I feel
I need inspiration,
not just another negotiation

All I want to do is find a way back into love
I cant make it through without a way back into love
and If I open my heart to you

Im hopin you'll show me what to do
and if you help me to start again
you know that I'll be there for u in the end

Monday, May 21, 2007

Self inflicted

I don't know why i am the way i am but it's who i am.
I bottle things up and then it all comes out for the wrong reasons,
but i always get up and move on.
I know it's better to say what's on your mind ,but i just can't.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Campus is busy this week, the exam hype is starting,presentations are being done by 3rd yr students.Last week i had deal with all the liars and the pretentious flu and accident victims,checking doctors certificates for those who missed the test.
This week i had numerous visits from the cheaters that got caught in test, crying because they getting zero for their Dp's.Next week will be the attempts by the slackers to make DP for the June exam.

Shame im being mean,to me its all fun, i like seeing em squirm just a lil. We all go through that so suck it up.On the upside of things i had beans and roti for lunch after ages was yummy,considering i don't like beans that much and James had a beans bunny..... we hit it durban style.

Lets cross our fingers for the guys paying an arm and a leg for their rugby tickets,hope they get it.Lets cross everything for the sharks to win saturday.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

100 things

Okay im starting 100 things post dont know when i'l finish.Here goes.

1.Im addicted to xhot nando's.

2.Im a moody bitch at times.

3.I love my job(personal Assistant) which entails bossing,bitching and administration.

4.Im not one for animals,they bite and make me itchy

5.I have a learners and no drivers license which is a disgrace on my behalf.

6.Im daily slacker(procrastinator)

7.Im a social butterfly,im everywhere and i know almost everyone(sux that).

8.I love taking pictures and photography.

9.I live each moment and day as it comes.

10.Iv'e always got a smile on my face.

11.I laugh alot and out aloud(family trait).

12.Im a girl at heart.

13.Im sentimental,im sucker for little sweet things and gestures.

14.Im pretty cute (most definetly) so im told.

15.I have a sense of humour.

16.Im a pink queen.( the fushia pink)

17.I like things my way and i like to do it myself so it gets done.

18.I hardly get angry.

19.I don't voice my objections, when i get angry i keep quiet.

20.I have too many friends,but they're special in their own way.

21.I like to look at the good in people not the bad.

22.Im not a morning person.

22.I hate liars.

23.I hate nagging,and i dont nag.

24.I love to cook.

25.But hate to clean.

26.Im blessed with good guys that are always in my life.

27.I don't like people with no moral standards and no respect for themselves.( but i dont judge people)

28.I dont like people telling me what to do.

29.I despise people who always talk about me.

30.I haven't fallen in love or had a broken heart.

31.Im guilty of breaking hearts.

32.I forgive but dont forget.

33.Im lazy .

34.i am muslim

35.My parents are of different races.

36.I am shy at times(yes believe it)

37.Im pertified of cochroaches.

38.Afraid of heights.
39.Recovering shopholic.

40.Addicted to movies.

41.Dislike reading(contibution to my lack in vocab and grammer)

42. I have a 3yr diploma in Info technology.

43.I live with my parents.

44.I have one younger brother.

45.I can get my degree in counselling and psychology.(expert on everything)

46.that contributes to me being a good listener

47.and less of a talker.

48.Im spontaneous.

50.I live life on the edge(sorta)

51.Im a virgin (waiting till i turn 50)

52.I come across as uncaring and cold(to some people but im not)

53.Im stubborn.

54.I have a thing for quiet, sweet guys with a bit of spunk in them.

55.Im unable to express myself an feelings most of the times.

56.Im a clown most of the time at work.

57.Im streetwise( gangster in short).

58.I can handle stress and pressure.

60.I cry for movies that are sad 99% of the time.

61.I dont like to plan,because God is the one that plans for you.

62.Dont know when ill grow up.

63.I love to dance and sing anywhere anytime.

64.I dont like talking on the telephone but i can mxit all day( broken fingers here i come).

65.I love house music and well any good music.

66.Im reckless and careless at times.

67.Im a typical LEO

68.2015 so many years later updating this..

69.Married already 4 years and counting

70.Im into purple now no longer pink girl

71.been in Love since 2007 with my husband best friends are always guys

74.I  love shiny clothes and jewellery

75.Im a bag addict* i get bored easily* totally expensive Addiction

76.Had my first appartment/Flat with 3 bedrooms

77.My curly hair even when straight irritates me *always tie it up*

78.Im super spoilt by my husband and i know its wrong

79.I love eating out and trying new food



As we grow up ,go through life experiences ,go through family problems,go through make ups and break ups and break ups.We sit back and assess our current relationships or our future prospects and decide what do we need.

We now have the knowledge ,the experience all gathered up in our head.We not young ,stupid ,naive and gullibe anymore ,we can say now this is what i want and im not settling for less,i can stand on my own two feet now,so u can't use or abuse or make me like or love you,im my own person.

Im talking relationship wise now,choosing who u wish to go out with,marry ,divorce or just spend qaulity best friend time with.Lots of us are going through this,is he/she what i need,can he or she give me what i want.

Everyone wants different things,some want unconditional love,some want to be taken care of,some want freedom,some need trust,some want all the good things in life,others want normality and happiness or plain down attraction.We each choose whats the most important thing to us.

Okay so u have these wants from the other person,but you too have to give something back -You have to sacrifice ,understand ,compromise you cant have everything you want your way always.Give and thou shall receive.

Making yourself happy is the most important thing,It sounds selfish,but u have to be,because everyone no matter what they do is to benefit themselves,you can argue that point but if u think about it the end result is selfinvolved and self absorbed.If u gave it a try and it didnt work out,fine stop trying pack your bags and move on.

Take the time to sit back and think before you throw away something you can never get back.This post is aimed at all my friends,in their own way each of them are going through assessing their relationships,the make and break part of it.


Monday, May 14, 2007

From Dusk till Dawn

First off to start my saturday night was a rush to watch spiderman3 at supernova,I thought it would be boring so i set myself up for along monotonous 2 n half hours.But to my delight there was the cutest chubbiest little 5 year old boy with hanging cheeks and big gorgeous eyes sitting next to me,he just made me smile and laugh from the begining to the end,I really enjoyed the movie ,the frames moved very fast but it kept my attention and the storyline wasnt bad at all.
Then mr sparky bought me chinese rice which is like the next best thing to nandos,we both agree,we had a little fight over him eating my rice but il get over it,He said i look like a child getting a present not willing to share it.

Everyone else was at the rugby stadium parking lot ,didnt look like they wanted to leave there after the sharks won ,so we dropped in to see what was hapening,Jonathan was running around with he's sharks flag 'skirt' and the others were playing frisby,and ofcos ogling at some new 'hot eye candy additions'.

Then from going to leave my jacket in the car,it moved to us off to check out a house party on the north coast,which then moved to us driving to Ballito for no apparant reason in the world but just for fun and this 11 pm in the night,ya thats madness.Another part of madness that went along with that is me driving back from Ballito,a road i know nothing about and adding to fact i haven't driven in a year.

Going back to Absa stadium,the wild little animals(my lovable friends) were still there,the crew got bigger,the music got more funkier,the night just went on and on and drama just kept on boiling and brewing.
Who needs 'Days of our lives' when we have our own little live reality show that keeps kicking strong every weekend.But we are stronger than all that,We have love amongst us unlike no other crew and that is the honest truth.

Absa staduim :
hot girl: "would you top staring at my tits"
Drunk white guy:"I cant help it they're nice"
I couldnt help myself i burst out laughing.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Grey Street Memories

Wednesday night we attended Grey Street Literary Trail at Suncoast supernova.Each told a little story of how they experienced life back in the day,how they led movements in the apartheid era and how safe life life was walking around town in the middle of the night,i guess all of our parents tell us those stories,i know mine do since they both lived in streets running parallel to grey street.

I lived in town almost half my life,i am now as the say from "The towns".

I remember Grey street in its own way...

It started when i was 9 years old and i attended Juma Musjid primary school,i played softball on the roof garden of grey street mosque and hit the ball over too many times.I remember friday Juma time going to read namaaz we had to pass through the arcade,buying pies and chips and running through little shops to browse article of no interest.I remember the walk down grey street to my granny's house passing patels to sit with my little brother and our other friends to have a beans bunny.

My high school life also took me up and down grey street,this time it was from the other end up girls high to the library and back.Everyday after school we,d stop at the corner shop beatrice and grey and have our 3.50 bunny's ,then off to the library not forgetting to stop at kulfi to stand and make noise and buy a milk lollies.
I remember ramadaan time going to read taraweeh at grey street mosque,then waiting afterwards for my dad to pick us up or running away with my cousins for a drive on the beach.

Each corner of grey street has memories,thats where i spent most of my youth not that im old...Ahem,but now i stay indoors because it aint safe nemore,me n zai just go to carson's corner to buy bread some days,it usually takes us half and hour to walk up lorne street and around the block.SOme people dont know what's it like to stay in town,i love it,it has it's up's and down's but we used to it and it gives a person character,attitude and makes them street wise.

Lets hope the memories dont fade along with the name.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

with Love Envy

Ok so we evil ,a lil itsy bit evil.From all the hapenings of saturday night a lil cute bit of jealousy has stemmed,and well we just played it,which is very wrong but if guys want to carry on like 10 year old's it's their own thing,right.

Why is it that when another guy shows interest,then only the other guy wants to play all he's cards...go all out now that he knows he got competition,huloooo we not that stupid ok we are we just pretend like we are and go along with what you trying to pull off.But when a guy is jealous of another guy it's tooooo cute,shows how much you care for us.

Jealousy goes either two ways ,the person tries harder and feels competitive or gets totally put off.

Me if im jealous i tell it plain down and let me tell you i am,but if im not ill encourage you because i care about the person being happy.

Im not talking about girl on girl jealousy because to me that is a whole lotta bulldust and a waste of oxygen,Girls should getover it,go look in the mirror and fix your face and dress yourself ,then u have no reason to be jealous of the next person.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Through saturday

Weekend was well balanced i think,went out on saturday only,relaxed on either side of the main day.Well saturday afternoon was spent listening to channel Islam's Zina lecture,i made everyone listen,then we analysed it and blame the men for all the wrong that happends.

foodwise -I finally found a chinese rice i like,beef strips,chicken and prawns at Al-Mehran( i think its called that).

Moviewise -Tararumpum ,i totally enjoyed,Rani looked to cute in her little mini skirts and shaking her booty like a hip hop queen.

After the norm,we met up with everyone at Milkylane,yes big donkeys no where to go but there,it was hilarious,who woulda thought of that hapening.After much dealing and delivering everyone went to the cube to chill and fight over blu-bois.

5 minutes into all that,the girls went out for some fun,me and my girls totally had a rocking time,around 2am i found myself staring into the blackness of Absa staduim,with smile that didn't fade till morning.

Advise wise -Nooreen had a lip plump thingy that felt like a bee sting with a touch of acid eating away at our lips.We dont need shit like that around,thin lips are sexy too,not all guys go for the angelina Jolie look.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Kissing Numbers

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Ya i know this is really silly,but we big girls and we can act all silly because we can,and because we old enough to sit and tally up our younger days should i say or most recent times for others.

SO yesterday wasnt a busy day for us so Zai being the instigator,insisted we count the guys we kissed so far or can remember,so it spread to mxit and so on,and then we had all our buddies counting and comparing which was so much of fun.You know what's the weird thing the guys didnt want us to know,but the girls were over eager i wonder why...Neways once you got through asking the guys it seemed that the guys doubled their numbers and us girls when asked halfed it,its all about the image i guess.

So yesterday i heard alot of stories,i guess when u trying to count you reminisce about the past ,your first kiss ,your best kiss and we dont remember the bad ones.And you dont wana remember the ugly ones,but you know everyone goes through those stages where u were a lil off the edge and wicked ,ok some yall dont ,some of yall get married to yall's first boyfriends or your cousins,lol, just kidding.

When u grow out of it or older your realise its not about the qauntity but the qaulity,Its about the one's that gave you butterflies or the ones that made your heart skip and beat and took your breath away.But all in all after all that the more the merrier,hahahaha.

Neways enjoy the weekend,Njoy spiderman at Imax if yall get there.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Weekend stories

Weekend was relaxing ,went visiting had a house party sat nite,went to movies 3 days in a row,yeah im mad and bored.Hot fuzz sucked,Perfect stranger was a bit interesting had its twist and tales,Shooter was your typical action movie but Mark Walhberg was hot.

Food wise - Mimo's deep fried calamarie da bomb.

funny wise -Zai chases people around hyper by the sea and tries to put durex play in their trolleys,she ends up putting it in an old indian couples trolley.
Saturday she stops and greets and old greek man at musgrave that cant even see ,and he tells her he didnt recognise her without her uniform and give he's regards to mummy and daddy.
BTW Zai is older than 21 and insane.

Story wise - Men are Bastids

#1 -Guy is going out with a girl for 6 yrs going to get married in November but he's sleeping with 4 other girls ,i mean WTF thats disgusting,poor girl ,i hope she realises what happends before she marries this prick,okay the story came up when my friend was informing of STD's and telling me he's friend has it,okay im a bit old to learning about sue me,but at least im hearing about it.Oh this is a muslim guy and this could be your boyfriend too.If i knew him id rather not say.

#2 -This is thought was so unfair and shitty,this girls our new friend,how can guys be such users,guy and girl go out for 4 years ,guys got other gf as well,meet parents stays at girls house uses the girl in every way,gets own flat makes her clean and buy stuff for him then gets another girlfriend.Shame i really felt sorry for her.

Okay after all that before i hear stories,there are plenty guys that arnt like that out there and i know most of them,but just beware there are madar chods out there too.

All True

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I thought this was really funny and true.

#1 -True the more interest u show the more they dont want you,so make urself unavailable most of the time, but not too much of it becos then, you arnt thought of.

#2 -True we learn from our mistakes i think,guys dont do things for nothing,they either want you get in your pants or wanna use you for somthing else.

#3 -true,nice is Naaaaring,be nice when necessary and alone and when we want some induvidual attention ,but in public please show some manly traits.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Ask me i dont know what happend to this week,think i was in shock the whole week,tense and stressed out.Worry took the better half of me ,as much as everyone told me not to ,it ate me up and then i ate it up ,lol.

im not saying my life is fine n dandy,because that's what it always was,i always help other people and always put other people first,but this week i put me first and if any of you guys felt that i was upset with ya'll i wasnt,just trying to sort me out.
Thanks for being there for me,love you guys alot.Okay boo hoo.

So to sum it up,i wont be me for another month,No bestfriend,mummy, pychologist,sister F_AWL,count this sister out.

Weekends coming up guys have a great one,im planning how to fit my punishment into my lifestyle.ok no planning cause planning dont work.Jeezzz here comes the longest weekend evaaaa...


Can I change my mind
did I think things through
It was once my life -
it was my life at one time

Got up early, found something's missing
my only name.

No one else sees but I got stuck,
and soon forever came.
Stopped pushing on for just a second,
then nothing's changed.
Who am I this time,
where's my name
I guess it crept away.

No one's calling for me at the door.
And unpredictable won't bother anymore.
And silently gets harder to ignore.
Look straight ahead,
there's nothing left to see.
What's done is done,
this life has got it's hold on me.
Just let it go, what now can never be.

I forgot that I might see,
So many beautful things.
I forgot that I might need,
to find out what life could bring.

Take this happy ending away, it's all the same.
God won't waste this simplicity on possibility.
Get me up, wake me up, dreams are filling
this trace of blame.
Frozen still I thought I could stop,
now who's gonna wait.

No one's calling for me at the door.
and unpredictable won't bother anymore.
and silently gets harder to ignore.
look straight ahead,
there's nothing left to see.
what's done is done,
this life has got it's hold on me.
just let it go, what now can never be.

Now what do I do can I change my mind
did I think things through

It was once my life - it was my life at one time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wavehouse Sat Night

No Comment!!!

Pics say it all from then on it all went down hill.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Islam South Africa

Hey guys anybody whose in Hi5 please feel free to join a new group created by Althaf :

What is Islam South Africa about? Well althaf describes the group as "As salaam wa alaikum,I`ve created this group to gather all the south african muslim as well as muslims from other countries, to share our knowledge and unit the Ummah.peace be apon our beloved Nabi (SAW) May Allah Grant us all Strength and ability to do good in this world for the hereAfter. ameen."

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Friday Rant!!

This morning's sms read:

You're the first thing & the last thing on my mind-
In your arms i feel ...SUNSHINE!-
sunny skies forecast for tom
sat surgery at The Wavehouse

Last night i watched 'Alpha Dogs' based on a true story starring sexy Justin Timberlake, a wild movie should i say ,i enjoyed it,lots of swearing and wild partying going down,at first i couldnt see the point to the story but nevertheless it kept my attention ,very much a boy movie.

Last night my mom and Zai complained about my attention span should i say towards them,hullo hear me out ,so yesterday im juggling cooking supper,mxit and watching alpha dogs,and Zai and my mom are talking when im watching the movie,and this is talking loud and asking me to stop mxiting and put my bloody movie on pause,so they can talk non stop about nothing,So zai says she'll email which i thought was a brilliant idea,then my mom starts with she hates mxit and i just ignore her,So my comeback is im not a freaken therapist ,you wanna talk come see me office hours my office is like a damn psych office nehows.
Ya im mean.

Sue Me!!!!!!
Jumma Mubarak to all.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

From Boys into MEn!

This is the cutest thing we saw last nite , a lil apple in the middle of an appletini i think thats what its called.
Last nite we met up for arbee's (21)bday at Tribeca.
Its true too many birthdays this month and this week.
Happy birthday to one of my boy bestfriends 'CupS' turns a whole 23 today.
Lets see we went through :
Mr James ,Mr Sparky,Jonathan,Arbee,Cups and Kamda i think in 2 weeks.Damn!
okay so last last night being the nando's addicts that we are,Zai n I had spicy rice rice xtra hot,I tell u when we got home we were crying after just a few bites ,after that we couldnt see straight and it was like fire wars were going on,but damn what a rush!lol

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sun nite dramaz

Sunday was spent catching up on prision break,having Nandos yet again for brunch and pigging out on my box of ferrero's.My parents got home in the evening,i got a new Escada perfume YAY! neways so we went to bed early only hours later to be invaded by an intruder.

1.30 am -Zai jumps up and starts screaming ruffles the whole room,jumps on me,i was really tired and i didnt see the cocroach so i said shut the Fuk up and sleep.

3.30 am -I hear and see the motherf*#r and scream tooo,so zai gets up and she kills it,then we sleep happily ever after.


Saturday's rolling

My saturday morning started off with a massage i coulda stole the lady's heated pillow ,well and after that it was downhill from there i didnt want to go anywhere but to sleep and that i did.

Later that evening me and mr sparky went to Sibaya for supper, i was hungry considering i slept the day away,so i did much justice to the buffet at A2A.
Food was good ,i loved all the chinese noodles and the tandoori chiken and pumkin.
After supper we went to see the 'Tata Ma chance' show at the Sibaya theatre.Well that was worth it,i laughed my ass off 'okayy off the seat.

Night ended off with the crew's weekly gathering,this took place at Siripat grounds,my first time there,it wasnt an MSA meeting or a Ijtima going down,just alot of soul bearing amongst the peoples was wikked to the D.


Okay so whole weekend we were alone without the parentals and believe it or not we behaved.Zai started swearing me for no apparent reason this whole weekend,i got verbally abused,but it was soo boring didnt really suit her .I was off from work lazed around did my hair and well lazed around somemore.

Friday night we went to watch Mr Bean,what utter crap,i wont lie i waited for a moment to laugh,i think the only things in the movie that was funny ,was whateva they put in the trailor.
Refund please!!

Well after all that hectic depression i needed food therapy ,so wher else to go but to 'Nandos' my second home for midnite supper.
and it was 12 on the dot eating nandos at the cube in the dark was fun but will not attempt such a meal again like that.
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Jojo - Anything lyrics

(It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do)

Yo I don't know
What you do when you do what you do boy

But baby baby baby baby
I don't even care no more You've got me so
Caught up in ya spell, it's voodoo boy
Well baby baby baby babe I wanna be there for sure

Cause every time that we rendezvous
I don't wanna go back home
And every time that I'm holding you

There ain't no way to let you go
You're shining down boy the game is through
I don't wanna play no more
Cause the only one that I want is you

So tell me what you wanna do because baby
Cause I just can't stay away

There's nothing that I can do
And baby you can have your way
Just as long as I can have you

And I'd do anything baby, do anything for ya,
And I'd do anything baby, do anything for ya

We are for sure persistant in what we want,even though sometimes we know its wrong and we cant always have what we want and its not good for us,but we still insist on burning ourselves,im sorry but my excuse is im confused,forever confused im worst than the weather.Heard this song on 5fm yesterday,and i loved it.

Week has been a bit sad,friends are having problems 'ok when are they not',my aunt is sick so my parents had to go to jhb this morning,My boss has been in hospital and will hopefully be back next week.A colleage passed away after getting shot on the weekend,we live in an evil freaken world ,but dont we know that.

Campus is dead because of holidays,not a soul around but i aint complaining.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Weekend Dramazz

This is a goodbye farwell pic of Yaseen and suhail,their little holiday ended and they were shipped back to jozzie.

Saturday night was just hilarious thats all i can say,i met characters upon characters doing weird stuff,i went once down the street to look for someone,i went past one car with two of our friends sitting in it,i asked why they not inside,they said they planning how they going to garage again ,they went to buy cigarrettes,took a walk and when they got back forgot what they went to buy.

Another one was leaning against the car couldnt see straight,told me to dial hes girlfriend and ask her to come to the car he lost i can say is that Martin rock the decks saturday nite yet again.
Sunday was none the better but a blast to top the weekend off,Me and Zai almost didnt make sunday nite's V party becos we got into trouble for coming home late sunday morning but i didnt waste time sleeping when i got back ,i kinda bribed my dad to get back on he,s good side,and it kinda worked.Neways sue me,for being me.

AN that we did yet once again baby!!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday it was!

Well friday started off with me getting up and getting ready for one of my best friends weddings,The nikkah was after Jumma and the walimah and reception in one at Keal road.Heres a pic of my babygal looking gorgous.

Maryam And Irfaan

Everything was beautiful,it was so nice to see that after so many years fo being together they did make it after all.
Not all couples make ,u hear everyones story of how they went out with someone for 5 years and then it all just went away and the significant other married someone else.
Friday night was movie night,and yes i went to watch the movie 300 even though i said i wasnt going to.I just thought it was just one long battle ,war whateva u want to call it,the characters were good kept us awake and laughing throughout the movie,everyone was more uglier than the next.

The strange thing i noticed is that everyone in the movie had a six pack,i dont if it was real or fake but even the old men had.
It rained hard after that so we chilled again met up with the guys in musgrave parking lot,to make noise and plan the weekend.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Beginning of the weekend

Okay so we had a long weekend ahead,i didnt feel like going out thursday but it was Mr James Birthday so a few of us tried out a sort of new place of florida called Coco's just next to Dela Sol.

It was such a relief to be in a clean almost new place,with nice atmosphere a nice menu and NiCE music too,ok soooo everything was nice.Anyhows it was weird most of the couples that came into the place were guys,yeah guy couples ,everytime we turned around there were mostly 2 guys at all the tables,then a little bit of drama entered,a white girl and her boyfriend had a fight and he mustv slapped her,neways the poor chik got alot of attention from all teh single indian helpful guys trying to rescuing her.OH i had the malva pudding and ice cream i shared a little,ok just a table spoon i gave away.

The rest of the night we spent at the cube in musgrave checking out the view ofcos ,chillin n talking.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sick Week . . . .

I think this is sick week,everyone feeling under the weather ,coughing ,cant breathe stories and just plain old pretending.
im just irritable but after sleeping yesterday from 6-6 im a bit well.
But i bet come thursday everyone will be well for the long weekend.AHA!!
Finally yetserday i got my 2 new favourite songs from Nelly F 'You rock Girrl' Its not my birthday but if u want you can buy me the cd.
It Mr James Birthday tomorrow.Mmmm hope he gets better for he's birdddayy.

Monday, April 2, 2007

APril fooL!!!

In all tradition every year we play a prank and this year was a bit of a harsh one and i had a very little in it but i went along and just nodded and answered questions.

Anyways Zai told everyone she was moving to JHB,and the whole weeknd it was lots of sad faces and begging and how everyone is gonna do without her and so Zai played it right though the weekend.Sunday night we decided to call a supper get together of all our close friends at suncoast.

Neways being the loud crowd we are ,lots of performances and plenty of goodbye pics went by and after the whole nite of goodbyezz Zai finally told everyone that it was ajoke and well not everyone was amused,nooreen wanted to kill her and didnt wanted to talk to her.But all in all it was a great non farewell party.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Unknown -Movie

Saturday i watched yet another movie at home though in comfort with no one kicking my chair and crying,remind me never to go to musgrave movies again.

Ok the movie unknown was interesting and alwasy had twist and turns,it was a whole lotta guys locked up at some remote warehouse all shot and injured but not with any memory of how they got there,worth thewatch i never left the lounge should i say.

Friday, March 30, 2007

It' a boy girl thing -Movie

Friday Night i went to movies wanted to see 300 but being that it was breaking up day,with all the naaring little snotkops everywhere we couldnt get tickets.
ANyways i dont know hy their mothers cant give a curfew of 8 pm.
So the movie was cute but typical ,very nice if u around 13 years old or so.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Back to Basics!

Okay So today im back into the blogging world after like 6 months.I took a well needed break.

Neways Itz FRiday yay!!!!

Im Working half day today got to do some shopping and my hair,hope this freaken rains stops.

Jumma Mubarak to all!!!!

Its Zai's Last day at work today and her farewell party tonight.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Its All Sweet!!!

Ok so everyone ,the whole world knows i went for my picnic with mr sparky,and yes its so sweet and different,i never knew what Mitchell park looked like,ya shame on me i live almost down the bloody road and i didnt even know what the inside looked like.

Movie -"Beacuse i said so" enjoyed the romantic comedy,lots of laughs,Love the poka dot theme wedding in the end.

Ok most of the weeknd everyone was talking about how guys dont do sweet things anymore and there isnt guys that do traditional gentleman things nemore but i beg to differ. Besides my picnic and to the movies date ,zai got flowers from zain sunday nite i mean,what does that say,neways she was shy with her flowers and ran straght to the room so my dad wouldnt see,but after me n my mom made a big performance there wasnt any use hiding them.

And there are plenty of sugarcoated hunnies out there. Well my saturday night never ended as planned,i was tired after my day out and got ready for bed,and then zai wanted to go out and she was sulky and the only choice we had was to go to Panama lounge,well we got ready in record time like 15 minutes with half brushed hair,i mean we normally take 1-2 hours to get ready.

But no regrets the music was awesome,every one from back in days were there and from nowadays should i say and was good to see everyone and see whose married and not and left their wife at home and whose busy with who in what corner,if u were there youd know what i mean.

As for Mr James had a party the whole night on he's own.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Human Rights Day ---Bleh!

Was spent up early spring cleaning my room and changing my curtains,changing it becos why...The peach curtains that are up dont let me sleep past 8 am and well it gives me a worn out puffy looking face .I just dont think so..

In the afternoon me nad zai went to movies with my parents to watch VanWilder 2,not too shabby ,had a few laughs and well Taj was cute,first indian actor i think is close to funky hot.

The rest of the evening we went to beach to chek the after effects of the damage on the beach.Took a walk along the promenade ,it was covered in sand,so much for our much adored cat walk.

Friday, March 16, 2007

WOrds of wisdom.
I have no regrets and i did exactly what i wanted.

Friday, March 2, 2007

H20 party -JHB

Ok so saturday morning we got up early packed our bag that we packed about 10 times over ,got dressed and well waited to go the party.

Around 3pm finally we went to wildwaters,6 dance floors,lots of shaking bikinis ,tits and ass,it was awesome ,something like the music video's we always see. there was so much partying to do and so little time.

I took my shoes off and danced in the pools and on teh grass i wanted to get the whole experience you see,lol. Neways the night came ,everyone got nto dance mode ,laser lights came on and we partied should i say almost to midnight.

That was a trip to rememeber.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Friday night trip

Thursday night Me and cuz_zai took a little trip up to jhb on the bus,we left around 9 pm and reached the sleepless city around 7 am in the morning.
We took a taxi to my aunts new house in kenilworth,it was kool cos the weeknd it would just be my two cousins and me n cuz_zai. Anyhows the morning started off with some screams,my one cousin was walking around half naked and half asleep only to be greeted by my other cousins school friend waiting to go to school. /

Nehows teh rest of teh day we spent walking around the city of jhb,my feet was paining ,i wanted to pee and we didnt even buy anything by the time the evening came,that abt sums it up.

Later that night my friend shenaz came to pick us up and take us out to soem aruba_lounge in the north.getting around was sucha hassle cos everything was so far away .

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rain out and about

Friday night seemed like a good night to plan on having our braai.
SInce we,v seen nothing but hot days and even hotter nights,i cheked the weather forecast and everything seemed clear. SO we got everone together unplanned and went to Lugzz to have a braai,abt 1 hour into the braai it started drizzling,as teh night went on we just got more wet,we were having a nice time so we moved the braai to under tree,s.

Lucky everyone wanted to still carryon even though everything was wet and we couldnt see a thing.

Around 10 we decided to call it a night packed up and we drove around from garage to garage smoking and eating like we were on an internal road trip to nowhere land. Saturday morning i woke up early went shopping with zai and my mum,bought sum clothes and winter jerseys.

Saturday afternoon went out with my friend Mr sparky,movies and supper was fun ,i enjoyed a quiet and relaxing evening. Sunday we went shopping again,we went to mall and shopped till we literary dropped. Thereafter spend the rest of the day at my grans house watching movies.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentines Day!

Okay even though i dont have a loved one and i dont have a boyfriend ,im quiet optimistic about V-Day.

Well i think its cute and funny. Well my house on valentines morning was hilarious , i had my mom n cuz cursing and swearing poor cupid ,and well teh guys not that interested, i had my bro sending and sms to hes girlfriend with adiffrent name on it.

I woke up to a few sms,s from friends which was all i wanted on that day. I went to work where everyone was more funnier and students were walking around with gifts and roses ,i just thought it was cute.I got a rose from james my friend which was too sweet.
I got a phone call from sue which really made my day.

WHo needs a man when u got friends that love you.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Naked Heart Party

Its being a while since iv'e been out to party ,so saturday was a big party on the embankment at an old hotel.
It was somehing diffrent to see mostly art,models,a theatre acts n dancers. later after all the entertainment died down,the place got packed teh shows finished off and it turned into night club mode ,which was kool.

The hotel was old and victorian,had lots of diffrent rooms and little places to seek out ,very classy and had an eiry air around it.

The night went on and everyone ended up coming ,everyone was looking hecticly sloshed ,and i think after a long time of not seeing each other everyone was catching up on gossip and whose lost where.

I made a new friend ,really sweet guy mr sparky,he kept me company the whole night which was nice and diffrent from hanging with the regualr crew whole night.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Busy Working

This week has been so busy with campus starting and students coming in and out for registration,We have new tutors but i havent seen them cause ive been busy.

Last weeknd i watched the whole first season of prison break,hopefully this week ill watch the second season.Ive become a real couch patatoe to say i actually stayed at home another weeknd watching tv.

Sunday we wanted a day out even though its summer and its blistering hot ,we left the house at 6 pm and went to the beach ,had a few drinks at vaca-B and had a bit of fun ,Mr _F joined us after a long time ,just him and the 3 girls yets again.

Monday, January 1, 2007


Another year another diary... New years day was spent like the last 5 years should i say,with friends partying,seeing faces i havent since last years party,but 90 % of them all familiar.

New years day we had house party with our regular group of friends and a braai. It was a good start to the new year cos i laughed myself sick with all the jokes and comments that floated around.

I was still on leave but next step was taking my learners test yet again me and my cuzin and we passed.The rest of my leave was spent at home watching every possible movie out at home ofcourse,and recovering from my bruised face.

WOrk has started and i havent had a moment to breathe ,u know i mean blogg and well trying to keep my head above water being sick with teh flu for the last two weeks.

The first day at work wasnt at all good by bag got stolen and i was sad but i got over it and bought a new one. : ( The days are going by so quik and it s payday already..