Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Calm after the storm

Damages have been assessed ,clearer skies are predicted for the next few days to come.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Weekend was lovely,okay mostly sunday night,the bonfire on the beach party was off the hook.
Everyone was there ,getting up to the usual nonsense,i did get to sit around the bonfire for a while with some of my old friends,brought back some good memories of good ol times.
Had a few emotional uncalled for outburst,but its not a night if theres no drama.
Now im buggered and hanging_zn for today

Monday, July 23, 2007


Aint it funny how sometimes you sacrifice your own hapiness for others yet ,the same people make such an effort to make u unhappy.

Theres only one thing i always wanted and thats to be happy,i never have a want for material things or what other people have,Is being happy such a awful thing to want.





Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some like it "Hot" and well "Not"

Last night episode of Top Model was such a dissapointment ,it should be called America's Next top Skank.How could Yoanna win,nebody but her.All the freaken hype for nothing,wasted i tell you,Me and my big mouth will win the next season,just watch this space 'SPACE' .
I will wait in much anticipation for the next season.

Ugly betty is a breathe of fresh on the other hand,i screamed and laughed, food for my soul i tell you,My new role model ,im getting braces n those hot red glasses to add some spunk to the new ME look.

Okat that really calls for me to be heading in Virgin active's direction,lets see my imagination can have me waking up everyday at 5 am rolling in gym and then onto work like all the normal people.
You know which normal people im refering to,you know those ones when u driving home 6 am from a party or the club and they on their bicycles and those running with their white shorts on a sunday morning and you look at them and wonder what the hell possesed them to get up and run on a sunday morning instead laying in bed next to their 100 yr old wife or husband.

James brought me a book to read, i havent read in ages,shame on me ya ya blah blah.
I watched 'Transformers' the movie btw and it kicked ass,as Jonathan would say "briliant".
Im heading off this weekend to catch it on the big screen again.

Monday, July 16, 2007


I so like and approve of this,just puts a smile on my face.
I didnt think we'd get tickets to Imax for Harry Potter friday night but surprisingly we did,i really wanted to go and see it i practically nagged and to me it was a bit of a dissapointment from the previous ones i just thought it was a bit weak and there wasnt a big show down in the end,thats my view other people thought it was brilliant.The nandos at gateway was non the better,weak and not well done ag,ok enough of my complaining.

Okay the planned part of the weekend didnt fall through,we planned to go to the circus and well the lines were just too long ,and i hate lines,maybe we'l go next week to Ballito or Toti.
Saturday night was just supper and relaxing on the beach and quick whizz through suncoast.
My office is still looking like a paper construction site,im trying to get the new filing and cupboards done.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Im never one to question what's to come or the future i always let things slip by and take each day as it comes,il never worry about an hour or a year from now,but what i have in front of me right now.

Last night my brother gave me n zai an asumption of our current relationships and well kinda put doubts in our minds about lots of things.Well after our talks, i had too much of doubts and questions,luckily for us our psychologist cousin paid us a visit and put our minds at ease.I think in future i will trust my own judgement.This morning i asked questions that still bugged me a bit and my answer went as follows:

"we dont know wat the future holds but we can create a future by living the present"

Neways i trust that everything will be what it's supose to be,i guess it's normal to be doubtful and insecure nothing is promised not even tomorrow.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Rocking music

All the hype from the weekend to come has gone by so quikly in a flash.

Friday i wentto the beach to say that i actually did go stand around milkylane ,see people i havent seen for ages,met up with my friends from jhb had soem nandos and went home,the beach cold just dont agree with me.

Saturday i never end up going to the July because Zai left our tickets at work grrrrrrrr.
Neways the afternoon wasn't wasted i spent it going with mr sparky having lunch twice should i say,snack n then snack of my choice.lol.

Saturday night came really fast,got all dressed up,my mum wasn't impressed with mine n zai short things,nevamind it hardly happends,it was classy not slutty' i think '.Neways after scouting all teh afterparties and most places were sold out we settled for old faithfull 330 afterparty in some memorial hall.

Wasnt a bad choice ,the new band formed by Martin totally rocked,the night went on but my hairstyle didnt last as planned.

Great night as per usual,with the greatest company.Sunday we were tired but we went with Mr F to vaca,it was empty but we had a blast just us mad things getting up to nonsense.

Got soem kewl prizes from So -Co.
check it out.

Monday, July 2, 2007

By the Lake

Friday night started out with having my usual favourite chinese rice,and then well things could only get better,lol.I watched Shrek 3,as usual it rocked,i love everything about shrek movies,now they got a few more little ogres.

Well Saturday was a bit of a rush ,in the afternoon Mr sparky and I took my little cousin and had a mini braai at Lugz by the fake lake,what to do,no real lakes around,didnt seem like we were in durban though,it was quiet around the lake.There were the typical indians,an old group of men wrestling and fighting,and holding each other back,some things never change,but shame as long as they had a good time.

Well i ate my burnt spare ribs till my heart's content,Imaam bux' spare ribs are undeniably the best,then we smoked some apple n mint ooka pipe.Well all in all we had a good evening,We ended off our night at Mug n Bean needed something to warm us up,so i had the new white hot chocolate with hazelnut and honey syrup,something devine to have before you go n sleep.

Sunday i spent most of it in bed,got a bit of a cold from the night air,old age now i get sick easily.
Oh! n i got a new 'Guess' wallet from my babes,so tweet.

Neways i got my new fav song from Timberland going on....Way I Are (feat. Keri Hilson and D.O.E.)