Saturday, March 31, 2007

Unknown -Movie

Saturday i watched yet another movie at home though in comfort with no one kicking my chair and crying,remind me never to go to musgrave movies again.

Ok the movie unknown was interesting and alwasy had twist and turns,it was a whole lotta guys locked up at some remote warehouse all shot and injured but not with any memory of how they got there,worth thewatch i never left the lounge should i say.

Friday, March 30, 2007

It' a boy girl thing -Movie

Friday Night i went to movies wanted to see 300 but being that it was breaking up day,with all the naaring little snotkops everywhere we couldnt get tickets.
ANyways i dont know hy their mothers cant give a curfew of 8 pm.
So the movie was cute but typical ,very nice if u around 13 years old or so.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Back to Basics!

Okay So today im back into the blogging world after like 6 months.I took a well needed break.

Neways Itz FRiday yay!!!!

Im Working half day today got to do some shopping and my hair,hope this freaken rains stops.

Jumma Mubarak to all!!!!

Its Zai's Last day at work today and her farewell party tonight.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Its All Sweet!!!

Ok so everyone ,the whole world knows i went for my picnic with mr sparky,and yes its so sweet and different,i never knew what Mitchell park looked like,ya shame on me i live almost down the bloody road and i didnt even know what the inside looked like.

Movie -"Beacuse i said so" enjoyed the romantic comedy,lots of laughs,Love the poka dot theme wedding in the end.

Ok most of the weeknd everyone was talking about how guys dont do sweet things anymore and there isnt guys that do traditional gentleman things nemore but i beg to differ. Besides my picnic and to the movies date ,zai got flowers from zain sunday nite i mean,what does that say,neways she was shy with her flowers and ran straght to the room so my dad wouldnt see,but after me n my mom made a big performance there wasnt any use hiding them.

And there are plenty of sugarcoated hunnies out there. Well my saturday night never ended as planned,i was tired after my day out and got ready for bed,and then zai wanted to go out and she was sulky and the only choice we had was to go to Panama lounge,well we got ready in record time like 15 minutes with half brushed hair,i mean we normally take 1-2 hours to get ready.

But no regrets the music was awesome,every one from back in days were there and from nowadays should i say and was good to see everyone and see whose married and not and left their wife at home and whose busy with who in what corner,if u were there youd know what i mean.

As for Mr James had a party the whole night on he's own.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Human Rights Day ---Bleh!

Was spent up early spring cleaning my room and changing my curtains,changing it becos why...The peach curtains that are up dont let me sleep past 8 am and well it gives me a worn out puffy looking face .I just dont think so..

In the afternoon me nad zai went to movies with my parents to watch VanWilder 2,not too shabby ,had a few laughs and well Taj was cute,first indian actor i think is close to funky hot.

The rest of the evening we went to beach to chek the after effects of the damage on the beach.Took a walk along the promenade ,it was covered in sand,so much for our much adored cat walk.

Friday, March 16, 2007

WOrds of wisdom.
I have no regrets and i did exactly what i wanted.

Friday, March 2, 2007

H20 party -JHB

Ok so saturday morning we got up early packed our bag that we packed about 10 times over ,got dressed and well waited to go the party.

Around 3pm finally we went to wildwaters,6 dance floors,lots of shaking bikinis ,tits and ass,it was awesome ,something like the music video's we always see. there was so much partying to do and so little time.

I took my shoes off and danced in the pools and on teh grass i wanted to get the whole experience you see,lol. Neways the night came ,everyone got nto dance mode ,laser lights came on and we partied should i say almost to midnight.

That was a trip to rememeber.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Friday night trip

Thursday night Me and cuz_zai took a little trip up to jhb on the bus,we left around 9 pm and reached the sleepless city around 7 am in the morning.
We took a taxi to my aunts new house in kenilworth,it was kool cos the weeknd it would just be my two cousins and me n cuz_zai. Anyhows the morning started off with some screams,my one cousin was walking around half naked and half asleep only to be greeted by my other cousins school friend waiting to go to school. /

Nehows teh rest of teh day we spent walking around the city of jhb,my feet was paining ,i wanted to pee and we didnt even buy anything by the time the evening came,that abt sums it up.

Later that night my friend shenaz came to pick us up and take us out to soem aruba_lounge in the north.getting around was sucha hassle cos everything was so far away .