Monday, March 31, 2008

Sex And Money

Paul Oakenfold &Pharell

Cold, cold, cold but leaving me hot hot hot (cold) (x6)

Girls in the club want sex 'n' money
Girls in the club want sex 'n' money
Girls in the club want sex 'n' money
Girls in the club want sex 'n' money

Cold, cold, cold but leaving me hot hot hot (cold)
Cold, cold, cold but leaving me hot hot hot (cold)

Girls just want sex and money

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weeknd

This weekend totally rocked,I thought it would be boring but to my surprise i had a blast.Saturday nite i went my frends house for a braai chilled a while,then wen to traxx ,to my surprise i enjoyed dancing to some hardcore shit,only regret was not wearing more comfortable clothing.

I slept for 2 hours ,then went to winkelspruit till 4 ,then it was straight to vaca ,i dont remember which is a good thing but i had a blast nonetheless.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pon and Zi

Yay!! i found it ....I just love these characters and now i found them.
the blue is the girl and yellow is the guy..tooo adorable.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Catching up

Lets see it's been almost a month sonce my last post ,not like it had any details of my Fab life in it.

Work has been hectic taking its toll on me,thanks God the honours thesis are almost in and i dont have to see last years students anymore.This years students are a better much friendlier bunch though.

social calendar on teh whole has been quiet busy,made a few new friends i guess the year changed and so did my friends.

Change is good it exposes you to diffrent people with well different attitudes and perspectives on life.I was going thru a really hard time and then i met some friends who really where there for me and made me forget about all the inconsiderate self centred ppl that i know.

Lets see iv'e been to the beach in Ballito for a picnic one saturday afternoon with one of my buddies,it was an awesum sight totally beautiful,i need to go back there its alike a piece of heaven on earth.

Ive been to the opening of the new club traxx,not that grand wouldn't want to go back there again. Raffles was way better, had a party there met some guys and new hardcore rave freaks but no thanks im over that shit now.Went to Sibaya for that prawn festival,i ate prawns till it came out my ears.Ohh lets not forget tilt ive been there after a year since i fell i didnt look back,i met up with my old Tilt "buddies"hehe lets not go there,Tilt was nice Cups n Noushy came wit as well as the whole crew and not forgettin my cusn Sarah.

Guys well, i met a few that were really sweet and nice and lets say diffrent from the usual but too clingy,alls well with guys in the begining i mean they treat you like a queen and then when they get comfortable they take the fact that you will always be there for granted. and well im not ready to start anything with anyone i just want to be by myself.I dont think i can handle anymore emotional shit.

Well living arrangements have changed staying by my aunt,its really peacefull and diffrent to be independant,get up do what you want and well no curfew not like i want to go anywhere, i like the peace.