Monday, April 11, 2016

Cape town trip and other things

So March arrived and I was in CT ... trying o tick one of my places off the bucket list. I did make it to Boulders beach and around the Cape point, was a beautiful drive around the coast.

So my first weekend was really jammed packed went for a pool party then to Shimmy which I've been dying to go for the last 3 years and I finally got to go. Was an  amaaazing night out with boys.. as expected :) Long street on Saturday night never disappoints was crazy insane, hitting Bobs bar is always a must to experience the total madness of long street.

Anyhoo Monday rolled right along and I was going for  a doctors check-up since seeing I was in CT, I was excited and then I wasn't :( Doctor said my knee was tangled and shredded apparently around my new knee contraption sooo I has to replace it with a button and do a patella resurfacing.

Its one month later and a 20 cm scar down my knee later but sort of healed, just fucken sucks I tell you. When will all this  end I hate being on crutches and unable to stand for long but that's life I guess.

I need a award for Something ... anything something mmm.. let me think about it but I deserve it for going through all this shit with a smile on my face.

Friday, April 8, 2016


what doesn't kill you makes you stronger....

That's what they all say.

 I don't feel stronger.

I feel weaker, like its taken a lot out of me and like its going to keep taking until I have nothing left to give.

Friday, February 19, 2016

New Year but i be crawling where i wana go

Working in a university enviroment the new year always leaves you exaughsted and too tired to function.

Its beyond insanity pushing your mind and body to its limits with hundreds of student queries.Next minute you blink and its end of february.Its being a tough month to get through and my body not in working condition really sucks the life out of me.

My mind wants to do so much but i cant, i made a 2016 travel bucketlist in january; thought i wouldnt be heading for hospital this year but that shit is happening but like fukkit i will still make it and tick off places i can make it to.
 I want to do local places this year and leave December holiday plans up to the hubby.

* boulders beach CT
*oribi Gorge