Sunday, May 15, 2011

and the Endless wedding continue

And it was my best friend who tied the knot recently,was indeed a fairytale wedding and one of the happiest moments ever to see my oldest n dearest friend get married.I have a few more wedding to go this year and def running out of outfits.Last year i remembered saying when last have i been to a wedding and this year its like a rat race every week,proposals and wedding and receptions.

On that note our six months anniversary is coming up and Thursday we getting registered my official wedding licence yay!i will be a Mrs Basha then.

Well lets ive moved over to Tongaat (the farm) and well i don't think i'm adjusting very well.Im terribly homesick and miss my family tons n tons,but i guess someday in your life u have to sacrifice and everyday you cant be happy and have no issues.
What makes everything bearable is my wonderful husband(definetly)

Monday, May 9, 2011

TOo the Farm u go

My first official day i moved to Tongaat to live with the hubby,travelling was okay for today :) Now just nee dto adjust to everything else and everyone else.I guess in time i will get use to living with other people,other than my own family its going to different but thats what life is all about keep the ball rolling and embrace change.Oh so first time ill have a pet cat around she hisses at me so probably have to wait for her to get used to me.

Me and my Buddies for Blackout 3 party