Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lazy Day and the sushi thing

Yesterday felt like a Sunday for me and my bf,Woke up late ate listened to music, went back to sleep,went Suncoast around 7 decided to try my luck at gambling :( wasnt so lucky.

I was wishing for mussel pot thingy from Simply Fish so we went to the one in florida road.I dont eat mussels but i kry the sauce yummy!Anyhows they were having half price sushi,so we decided to try n order something errr we sooo clueless ,didnt know nix about Sushi n what to eat,we ordered the prawn california rolls,was okay i supose,I couldnt even hold the stick properly,sooo sad next time i need a profesional to eat with me.

after that i decided to make my vote count,There was some peoples toi toi sorta outside the voting station so being 8.30 pm i decided ill go home and be safe.I never make it count.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

I think it went well except for the fact that i might be getting sick 'cough cough'
Friday was traxx vs Truth totally freaken awesome.My last jol for a while now,well worth it,Morgan n Eddie were off teh freaken hook hardstyle rocks baby!

Saturday was resting day just chilled with the guys sorta recovery mode ,a planwas to make a move somewhere but we fell fast asleep i never made it home.

Sunday was beach day YAY!And not forgetting braai n we had a lil after party at teh flat.
Monday totally exhaughsted slept n cleaned up my aunts flat.

nothing less tahn a perfect weekend with my friends n my baby!OH i never get an easter egg yet :(

Monday, April 6, 2009


Last two weekends was spent with my friends celebrating B-Days,too many to count.

Last week 28 weekend was spent in umdloti with my frends 4 B-days there which included my bfs n hes twin sista's.We had such a great weeknd,we had a braai friday n partied hard saturday went club hopping n Sunday we spent the evening at the Tongaat Fair on the rides, i didnt expect teh fair to be so big our town fairs normally spread out over a schools grounds not to big,plus the rides were amazing neways i just ate mealies neva wantedto go n then throw up afterwards.

This weekend we were invited to a house party near varsity wit a pool and a leka lil setup,saw my friend luti after ages and some people i havent seen from last year who just went into home hibernation,party totally rocked till 3am.