Monday, September 20, 2010

My lil babygirl

All the rush is over we shifted in like two weeks before eid and we were half settled in.My niece was here for Eid weeknd so i really enjoyed spending time with her.SHe kept me up most of teh time so had bags the whole week,but it was kewl she was too cute and entertaining.Waking up to her cute smile and her rolling all over the bed is something i miss :(

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spring is here!

And welcome to a new month new season and a new house and a new mmmm lemme think what else is new.

Well we moving this week,not so good in Ramadaan too much work too much memories to go through and throw away.Photo's, love letters,cards lets not forget penpal letters i used to write to girls in other countries gosh that was soo many years ago mmm i wonder whateva happend to them anyways.

Everyday is such a rush after work what to make for iftaar,then pack this n that n all my clothes, 'my prized possesions' i have no idea where they came from and i dont want to part with them but i have to :( i really need a walk in closet ,but i guess when i get married and have my own house.

I bought some new stuff for my room im over the the whole fuschia pink room with everything pink.Im going for Silver and Deep Purple so lets see how everything turns out,its a more mature couler for my older years to come.

So i went to buy some clinique products cos i love their skin range so i always get free things and this time i got this cool "all about eyes" eye roll on ball thing massage thing,very nice!