Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August is here!

Supose to be the month of year for me,but as i get older it just gets more sad n i dnt look forward to it :(
not that all my previous years werent well celebrated like it was a national holiday and everyone celebrated with me,always was such a big party time of the year for me.but now i just getting older and its sad to admit that, lol not like i can do anything abt it.

I can actually say ive changed and so have my ways old age has finally caught up with me,n i prefer to relax n do nothing.My bf has already bought me so much presents so theres nothing else i could ask for plus its in ramadaan so there,i can make lotsa duas that i age well.

We moving now,actually my parents are so we,ve been busy painting and tiling and redecorating ,such fun everything new n out with the old.It will be diffrent i wont be staying central town anymore moving to sherwood, no waking up to bus noises or taxi hooters,no neighbours screaming and fighting ,no more drama.

Now ill have to get my licence that's a must now because theres no busses or taxi's in my area.

So goes on busy August month,seems like the whole world is born in this month,all the arrogant,boastful lions(me)