Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The married life routine has started

So we one month on our own now, not much has changed still living in one part of the flat "'roll eyes'' i just cant find the time.Life is so busy i dont know how our mothers ever managed coming home cleaning, cooking, washing clothes ironing the list goes on... lets not forget kids in that just trying to get my head around this new routine, soemtimes its fun but you come home so late, hubby comes home later by that time u exhaughsted, heres to the rest of our lives in routine.

Weekends are already booked out trying to get some sleep shopping for things to fill the house with, or spent in Durban by my parents 'how i miss civilization' did i mention i officially live in a village now.I went from Durban CBD to the Suburbs to the Farm to the Village(officially its called that).

Lets not forget work!im headed for a breakdown stressed out i cnt even think straight most days, i wake up generally with a smile and mentally prepare myself for a good day but soon as i reach campus its downhill, teh university is in a mess Reconfiguration they calling it, we dont know where we will be next year, we dont know anything for now(shrug)