Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekendz in Tongaat

The last two weekndz was spent at my Bf house on the north coast,our friends came over we partied a bit,relaxed had a braai,i wanted a rest i got it.

This weekend though just relaxed and Jeez its not the life for me i cant handle the quitness n not seeing people i was freaken scared and they kept telling me the City is more dangerous I think NOT!!
You could get killed n no-one would even hear you,eish at leats if you scream in town everyone.

My saturday afternoon i say is a lesson well learnt and an experience.

Monday, November 10, 2008

No Rest for the wikked

Lets see its been a busy week and a busy weekend,Friday night lets see i went to visit my frend Shen and then popped by the beach club for a party was kewl lotsa memories that place brought back i spent my birthday there last year,Wikkked time.I miss teh bonfires we used to have on teh beach come 4 am in the morning ,beautiful site.

Nehows saturday was spent with the bf lazing around and eating and in the late afternoon marlz picked me up n we was chilling in Umhlanga Sands.There wasnt many clubs happening saturday nite so we went pass Traxx n Panama was very sad,I think i went there after like a year,sucked big time,and they played crap RNb tracks like 4 times over.

Sunday i planned to sleep in but Luthy was nagging to go out,So me n Luthy n Bf went to vaca for a while like an hour at the most then i ended up Ocean Basket eating my favourite soul mate platter,eishh was dream come true i love seafood.

Im kinda staying at home during this week ,i thinnkkk im over doing it,if theres such a thing,trying to watch tv and be good,Not that im not.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


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You know sometimes when u wish the perfect happy times would last forever,I wish this time would last a really bit longer.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Funkd' n so it was

After ages i partied n i had such a ball friday night,it was my bf party 'Funkd',we were busy all through friday setting up the place with the lighting n decor it looked over wikked.No pics can u belive that i didnt have time to take out any,think my frend has a few.

THe sound was awesome the lazer light rocked and so did the music,there wasnt too many people around 100 or so.We partied till the sun came up even though there was a few of us.Saturday i slept till 4 pm then aroudn 8pm i went to the wavehouse for the 5fm party that was too off the hook stayed 2 hours then then went home.Im still trying to catch up on sleep sunday i was waking up n sleeping the whole day im gone old now,lol,cant do it old skewl anymore.

Anyhows at least thats over n done with need to get into the groove of gym now,my neck n back is feeling awhole lot better.