Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Birthday !!!

Yes it was a weekend filled with lots of hugs ,love and kisses.

Another year has passed me by and im still the same sweet little girl ive always been,maybe next year this time ill be all grown up,not like i was ever in a hurry.
Who knows hey,what the future holds.

But surprisingly this year was different from the rest of my previous birthdays, i did go out and celebrate and hit the each party the night before and saw everyone that means alot to me,but it was the whole weekend and spending it with someone special that actually made the diffrence.

Anyways it was special all in all,because of cos im special.hehe.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

For friends and Food

The weekend has passed by yet again ,and its getting closer to my birthday, this is the time when i go into deep analysis of the year gone by and realise ive done nothing different and still trying to achieve goals I’ve set 10 years ago, okay not really 10 years ago maybe 2-3 years ago.

Friday night we tried to be spontaneous yet again and landed up at a Moroccan restaurant on ST Thomas road called “Fabulous" at first the place was amazing with the different smells from the hooka pipes and the various eastern fabrics to the copper antics and cutlery laid out for display. The upstairs was the eating area done in cushions and candles, set for a romantic private evening.Neways the shock came with the menu not being a set one and not even a decent coldrink on the side to order.R300 later we were hungry,we couldn’t eat the calamari it was maybe still alive drizzled in burnt oil. Sucked big time we headed to Florida road Nandos for old faithful quarter chicken.

Saturday night we all met up for late night coffee at Mug n Bean a delightful evening spent screaming and laughing hilariously at each other. It was a little goodbye to Ms B as she was leaving for a month holiday in London. At the same time a wonderful surprise is that my long lost favourite friend Junaid has returned from London after 2 n half years.

Saturday evening was spent with Mr Sparky,We ended up watching Mr Brooks, a suspense thriller i would say, kept me glued to the screen, I love movies when u still don’t know what to expect and there 5 minutes left of the movie.

And Sunday was spent at my grannys house eating biryani and koeksisters as per usual.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bearable supper

Last night me and Mr Sparky went out for supper,although we tried to chose a difffrent place to eat,we ended up going for copper chimney's buffet on north beach.It was the first and well last time we gonna eat there,I just wanted to finish n leave,not good enough for me,i just ate the chiken tikka and naan.

The beach was full,surprisingly on a wednesday night full of little boys in kurtas,have no idea what they came to durban for.

Campus started again,a bit busy ,i need to stock on my pressure tablets for the next week.
I don't know how some students get to undergrad level of education,when they can't read simple signs on the doors.

Surprisingly enough im in a good mood and in high spirits ,even the mail man said i look happier.mmm wonder why ??