Monday, July 28, 2008

All cried out

Thats what i am,the last week has been tiring nad taken a toll on me.

My granpa passed away last week friday and was buried a week later.
I think because it took so long fo rteh funeral everything was not laid down to rest until we actually had a chance to say goodbye,its still unbelievable but u cant hold onto someone foreva i was just blessed to have him for such along time.

Such is life of uncertantity i duno where im going, i feel sometimes like i just wantto give up on tehgood things in life.Is it just a fantasy to believe that everything will be good n fine oneday and forget the bad thing and hope they will stay in the past.

Why cant i just be happy,i do make the most of everything?????

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July holidays

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Im losing my mind although i think i lost it long time ago its just getting worse.

Im trying to think back to what the last few weeks and well its not coming to me.

Lets see my bro got hijacked i was quiet heartsore about da car but hes okay and thats all that matters.

Bf wise i fight alot make up alot and well thats normal for relationships everything in life has its ups n downs in n outs,but i love him lots and most.

Went for teh July 5 fm afterparty sucked big time lots of racial fights ,eish didnt have a good time at all.

July holidays rocked went out almost everyday for the last 2 weeks eating n joling,playing pool,jc and clubbing was relaxing enjoyed spending time with my friends.