Thursday, April 22, 2010

first op

My first hospital experience mmm was at westville hospital awesome hospital like a 4 star hotel not bad for 8500 a night.Anestetic was the best lol one minute you in ten thearte looking around at the cold room next i opened my eyes 1 hour later all drowsy and happy :) no pain was felt for teh next two days nice big needles kept getting stuck in my thigh.

The post op was painful soon as the meds wore out and i had to go home the pain kicked in full force.i couldnt walk or sit up for a few days but now im all better alhamdz..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blackberry present

Yay! i got my blackberry today as a present,im still learning how to use it ,im soooo excited! I got teh 9700 bold

Monday, April 12, 2010

Certain times

Sometimes i just wanna be alone,most of the time i do.I dont like talking when im at work i dont like talking when i go home.Theres a time and a place to have conversations ,i dont like visitors and unnessary phonecalls,i wasnt always like this but this is what i like.

I cant make any excuse for being like this ,because im the happiest when imm left alone and everything is peaceful and quiet.I love my bf because hes quiet and talks when spoken too or when needs be.

Some people get on my last fuken nerve mostly those who have verbal D.

Now i just want to be left alone......i feel like sitting on the beach forever

Thursday, April 8, 2010


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We suppose to attend a frends wedding but after the boys picked me up they decided to get spur instead,then it was to suncoast for some gambling fun which wasnt any fun because everyone lost their money.We roamed around a bit ended up at King park after teh sharks match and joined in the fun on the grounds,was fun only thing i got wet and looked like soemthing the cat dragged in afterwards so i made a decision not to take any further pics for the night.
Saturday night continued at traxxx to celebrate a few friends bdays,i dont know why i thought it was my bday and well i was the worst behaved for the night and well most of teh night i had diffrent babysitters lol.What can i say i havent been out in like a really long time n partied.
Lets skip to Tuesday morning because thats when i was myself again,i spent the rest of the weekend at Palms at a frends place sleeping n eating but mostly sleeping.I went home Tuesday night but i wasnt the worst of the lot , my bf and friend only got outta bed last night and went to work today which is thursday morning, Thats the last for them im putting my foot down.