Monday, October 3, 2011

First night in our new apartment

Last night marked our first night in new apartment :D Wowee independance !! thats it we starting out and teh kitchen is almost complete just the washing machine to put in and it will be so so complete. We still working on the rest of the house im still trying to figure out what to do with so many rooms and so much space, for now i moved our bedroom room into the dining room i dont know why i just feel like i wantto sleep there for now until we turn it into a TV room.

The two bedrooms got carpets and im not too impressed with that so until its been throughly cleaned and theres not a spec of dust we will move our bed into there.

I havent been well with a minor accident left me with somewhat of whiplash and back aches, on top of that iv'e had gastric flu so my energy levels where down to the dogs practically crawling all over.Hopefully this week it will pick up and i can slog away trying to make my flat presentable and soemwhat a reflection of me.

HOT!!like Sean Paul

Drool <3 SeanPaul