Monday, January 1, 2007


Another year another diary... New years day was spent like the last 5 years should i say,with friends partying,seeing faces i havent since last years party,but 90 % of them all familiar.

New years day we had house party with our regular group of friends and a braai. It was a good start to the new year cos i laughed myself sick with all the jokes and comments that floated around.

I was still on leave but next step was taking my learners test yet again me and my cuzin and we passed.The rest of my leave was spent at home watching every possible movie out at home ofcourse,and recovering from my bruised face.

WOrk has started and i havent had a moment to breathe ,u know i mean blogg and well trying to keep my head above water being sick with teh flu for the last two weeks.

The first day at work wasnt at all good by bag got stolen and i was sad but i got over it and bought a new one. : ( The days are going by so quik and it s payday already..