Monday, August 17, 2009

Roulette and the food

Saturday night was hilarious spent it with the boys first was Supper at Jaipur palace the food has improved slightly,they now have a two chefs standing there ready to stirfry ur chinese and another chef making south indian dishes

i had dosa i think it was a pancake with patatoe filling oryt not too tasty or exotic,then i had the chinese rice was lovely but when dont i like chinese rice its my favourite dish that i have not yet seem to have got right.

After that we went to buy a coke from teh garage outside Sibaya and teh big lights was calling us so we went once again to play soem roulette,Last week we found the electronic one very entertaining and quiet addictive,this week it had teh same effect its not too bad if you playing for fun and dun it was i prefer it to teh slot machines.

Well after the boys lost 90 bux i heard alot about SIbaya being the devil lol and they rather prefer spening their money at the club or on food.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Awards Evening and after

Im trying to take it easy this week after two long weeks of prep our awards evening went off well.My legs are still killing me and my foot is paining but anyways what to do.

The afterparty was Traxx how lame,i just sat down n had a rest n watched the freaks as per

Sunday morning i made biryani was soo yummy,i was wishing for rice sumthing n my mom was sick so i just made that.

Next was Tranformers on Imax,awesome i enjoyed it even though some movie addicts didnt.