Thursday, March 26, 2015

TKR physio time

So been doing my thing at Westville hospital twice a week . Physio is kewl never knew I could Do all the things I try there especially on the trampoline and sqauts. wow why would I do squats with the behind I have...anyhoo it's fun and I got no choice cause my physio is like a exercise policeman.

Get on that and do this and so many reps!!!

It's like a mini gym at the hospital.
So I see this Zulu lady every time I go she's sitting there outside the lift so I assume she's a nurse that always coming off her shift.

So I asked her and apparently she's there for dialysis three times a week . so I think I'm not so bad I still have my health and my functioning organs . Shukr alhamdullilah.

Spontaneous. ..maybe some other day

You hear let's do this and we'll I'm ever ready to take on the world and a second later you realise, well you can't . Maybe next time when you are able and you are better .

Being better is taking forever in my world.