Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thailand - def an experience

I never knew Thailand was so huge a whole country on its own,i never knew there were so many thousands of people living in poverty trying to make a living, trying to survive.

Bangkok at first sight is beautiful but beyond the magnificent airport is broken buildings and pollution enough to choke you to death.Traffic consist of bicycles,taxis and expensive cars- so either got it or you dont!an amazing sight is that there are no traffic control there is a gridlock 24/7 and everyone moves in co-ordination and amazing enough theres no accidents or road rage.

Bangkok consist of malls and markets people selling and walking on top of each other everyone is packed like sardines,even in between you find cooking and eating and 100 different smells of food.A place you can buy something for 1000 baht one minute and next minute you can buy it for 10 baht.

Food lets see Thai food is def not for me,its fresh crunchy veggies floating in water ,everything floats in water even the polony and viennas "Wheres the oil n the butter and spices people!!!"
The only thing we could eat and only thing we ate is sea food prawns n prawns with everything i don't want to see seafood for a long long time!

Phuket well we stayed in Patong a place where you can buy and sell beautiful people and well where beautiful people are literally made.Our days were spent doing facials ,massages ,manicures, pedicures and relaxing.It rained all day so slops n shorts n a tshirt was your best bet.
At night Patong came alive with the thai people well selling themselves,It was like sin city itself unbelievable,the only customers were foreiners.In Bangla street you only see pole dancers and prostutites n bars and ping pong shows (xrated shit) i guessed that why the tsunami hit patong only because of all the shit and evil that went on there.

There were lady boys everywhere u cant really tell the difference between one and girl,just they were much taller with bigger hands.In Patong the party never ends every night is like a saturday night.

Thailand is still definitely the Land of Smiles,because the most humble helpful people live there.10 000 000 poverty striken people trying to survive.