Monday, April 11, 2016

Cape town trip and other things

So March arrived and I was in CT ... trying o tick one of my places off the bucket list. I did make it to Boulders beach and around the Cape point, was a beautiful drive around the coast.

So my first weekend was really jammed packed went for a pool party then to Shimmy which I've been dying to go for the last 3 years and I finally got to go. Was an  amaaazing night out with boys.. as expected :) Long street on Saturday night never disappoints was crazy insane, hitting Bobs bar is always a must to experience the total madness of long street.

Anyhoo Monday rolled right along and I was going for  a doctors check-up since seeing I was in CT, I was excited and then I wasn't :( Doctor said my knee was tangled and shredded apparently around my new knee contraption sooo I has to replace it with a button and do a patella resurfacing.

Its one month later and a 20 cm scar down my knee later but sort of healed, just fucken sucks I tell you. When will all this  end I hate being on crutches and unable to stand for long but that's life I guess.

I need a award for Something ... anything something mmm.. let me think about it but I deserve it for going through all this shit with a smile on my face.

Friday, April 8, 2016


what doesn't kill you makes you stronger....

That's what they all say.

 I don't feel stronger.

I feel weaker, like its taken a lot out of me and like its going to keep taking until I have nothing left to give.