Monday, May 19, 2008


Still sick this week went to the doctor said i had bronchitis,eish like i can be sick i hate it.
This week marked mine and sparky's 1 year relationship anniversary,pat on the back for me longest relationship to date.

Sat we went to see 'What happends in Vegas' Kewl movie lots of laughs n i love those 2 they quiet a couple.

TRraxx off the rails was so boring,wasnt feeling well and MarcT wasnt that hot .YAWNNNN......

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Neither here nor there

I dont know if its the flu thats buggered me up ,i cant even think straight,i feel lost and confused.
Newamind "PHUK IT " il be fine i think.

I need my head checked maybe having some relapses,lol.
On the other hand im quiet dandy on the whole not counting the random anxiety attacks n shit.

Oh sparky bought me a feng shui fountain ,its soo pwetty,it helps really with my mental situation alot.

Monday, May 5, 2008

weekz holiday

Eish it was hard getting up after 1 week off from work,what a restful fun week i had,im so lazy to even think.

I partied hard,shopped ,went for some pampering,did my nails which didnt last long irritated the shit outta me,im a hands on kinda girl.

Oh Oh i got such a cute little blanket thingy mr sparky bought me from Mr price,eish i luv it.

We had a braai saturday nite a short lived one and then went to traxx for a while.
Friday night well went to tilt met up with some old frends....

What else to say i had a brilliant week with all my my friends i dearly love,after long im really happy.