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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another year gone by....

Its that time again when you blink and the year has just passed you by.

A bit of a mild anxiety attack, your mind races what have I done what haven't I done? Let me make a list  ''fuck that'' ill never get to that list ...Why because work just screws me over everyday taking up 90% of my everyday life leaving me with no time for myself.

I can't wait for December and my Cape Town holiday. Its been such a stressful planning with our letting agent letting us down and only last week found another house to rent for the Dec Vacation, but all is well hopefully I can't put up with that nonsense any longer.

Last couple of months were just survival mode, hopefully I can start sorting things thing that matter out.

I am number 1 in procrastinating.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Back to the Dentist

So after suffering in silence for a couple of weeks I decide to drag myself off to the dentist.
My last visit was a year ago for cleaning where I unexpectedly had a new dentist who hurt me so bad,
I mean it was a cleaning!

Who gets hurt when having a cleaning? He told me to come back after a week and well I didn't, so my gums got worse and now I have abscesses all over so now it's a month long visits to the dentist.

I guess i'm being punished for something 'sigh' all those random evil moments I have its coming back to bite me.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Birthday Once again

So the Birthday came and went, I was kinda down and out, and well birthdays are just not the same anymore. As i get older I sit, think and measure myself up to everything and everyone, question myself and drive myself insane. Thats how I felt Insane!!!

Well after the actual Birthday I got over it and had a few conversations with some colleagues and realised i'm still quiet the youngster around.'
The one lecturer said to me the age im at now is the best year of her life.

So I decided before I go way over the hill this year is going to be a Damn Good Year and im going look back and smile not sigh!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hot! Like Alex O 'loughlin

My Hawaii five- O Hottie!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Brief winter holiday

June consisted of a short holiday in Jozzie with my cousin and her family, In Jozzie you eat all the time cos I always don't want to miss something new to try.

So the one place I did go back to was this Pakistani Restaurant in Fordsburg Oh soo yummy mutton Biryani and cheese and aloo paratha amazingggg!

The usual spots were hit Truth, Primi and some prancing around in Melrose Arch.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Scam New year

So my last post was about my juicer, last year that i was trying out.I still drink my juice when i feel like but like drinking juice non stop just monotonous.It did help though my skin was amazing and then it went shit again once i started back on eating anything.

So whats new to try this year.Smoothies soemthing iv never ventured into mainly because im not a yogurt strawberry type of person.

So ive tried 2 smoothies this year, apple and bananna and Raspberry& Blueberries both need to be tweaked a bit for me to try them again.

Ive been neglecting my  blog so going to try and update it a bit.Here goes .....

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