Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The married life routine has started

So we one month on our own now, not much has changed still living in one part of the flat "'roll eyes'' i just cant find the time.Life is so busy i dont know how our mothers ever managed coming home cleaning, cooking, washing clothes ironing the list goes on... lets not forget kids in that just trying to get my head around this new routine, soemtimes its fun but you come home so late, hubby comes home later by that time u exhaughsted, heres to the rest of our lives in routine.

Weekends are already booked out trying to get some sleep shopping for things to fill the house with, or spent in Durban by my parents 'how i miss civilization' did i mention i officially live in a village now.I went from Durban CBD to the Suburbs to the Farm to the Village(officially its called that).

Lets not forget work!im headed for a breakdown stressed out i cnt even think straight most days, i wake up generally with a smile and mentally prepare myself for a good day but soon as i reach campus its downhill, teh university is in a mess Reconfiguration they calling it, we dont know where we will be next year, we dont know anything for now(shrug)

Monday, October 3, 2011

First night in our new apartment

Last night marked our first night in new apartment :D Wowee independance !! thats it we starting out and teh kitchen is almost complete just the washing machine to put in and it will be so so complete. We still working on the rest of the house im still trying to figure out what to do with so many rooms and so much space, for now i moved our bedroom room into the dining room i dont know why i just feel like i wantto sleep there for now until we turn it into a TV room.

The two bedrooms got carpets and im not too impressed with that so until its been throughly cleaned and theres not a spec of dust we will move our bed into there.

I havent been well with a minor accident left me with somewhat of whiplash and back aches, on top of that iv'e had gastric flu so my energy levels where down to the dogs practically crawling all over.Hopefully this week it will pick up and i can slog away trying to make my flat presentable and soemwhat a reflection of me.

HOT!!like Sean Paul

Drool <3 SeanPaul

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ramadaan Iftaars

Being away from your family makes u appreciate them more.Spending weekends having family iftaars with my cousins and their dozen kids has been awesome,probably the best part of Ramadaan.Now looking forward to eid with various families :)

My first Ramadaan by my inlaws was definetly diffrent from being at home.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No i dont want to!

i duno what it is but i dont adapt well to change.It seems like its my fault but to me.Im not the problem everything else is.All my life all i do is try everyday to be happy as i feel this is the most important thing in life,i built everything around me so i can comfortable and happy in my little bubble.Now its all upset and my bubble is gone,im unhappy im not adjusting well to certain people and certain places.

i dnt know what to do, im stuck somewhere out there in an unknown place with unknown people that i dont want to be with.i wana be with my people my happy people back in my happy little bubble.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

and the Endless wedding continue

And it was my best friend who tied the knot recently,was indeed a fairytale wedding and one of the happiest moments ever to see my oldest n dearest friend get married.I have a few more wedding to go this year and def running out of outfits.Last year i remembered saying when last have i been to a wedding and this year its like a rat race every week,proposals and wedding and receptions.

On that note our six months anniversary is coming up and Thursday we getting registered my official wedding licence yay!i will be a Mrs Basha then.

Well lets ive moved over to Tongaat (the farm) and well i don't think i'm adjusting very well.Im terribly homesick and miss my family tons n tons,but i guess someday in your life u have to sacrifice and everyday you cant be happy and have no issues.
What makes everything bearable is my wonderful husband(definetly)

Monday, May 9, 2011

TOo the Farm u go

My first official day i moved to Tongaat to live with the hubby,travelling was okay for today :) Now just nee dto adjust to everything else and everyone else.I guess in time i will get use to living with other people,other than my own family its going to different but thats what life is all about keep the ball rolling and embrace change.Oh so first time ill have a pet cat around she hisses at me so probably have to wait for her to get used to me.

Me and my Buddies for Blackout 3 party

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thailand - def an experience

I never knew Thailand was so huge a whole country on its own,i never knew there were so many thousands of people living in poverty trying to make a living, trying to survive.

Bangkok at first sight is beautiful but beyond the magnificent airport is broken buildings and pollution enough to choke you to death.Traffic consist of bicycles,taxis and expensive cars- so either got it or you dont!an amazing sight is that there are no traffic control there is a gridlock 24/7 and everyone moves in co-ordination and amazing enough theres no accidents or road rage.

Bangkok consist of malls and markets people selling and walking on top of each other everyone is packed like sardines,even in between you find cooking and eating and 100 different smells of food.A place you can buy something for 1000 baht one minute and next minute you can buy it for 10 baht.

Food lets see Thai food is def not for me,its fresh crunchy veggies floating in water ,everything floats in water even the polony and viennas "Wheres the oil n the butter and spices people!!!"
The only thing we could eat and only thing we ate is sea food prawns n prawns with everything i don't want to see seafood for a long long time!

Phuket well we stayed in Patong a place where you can buy and sell beautiful people and well where beautiful people are literally made.Our days were spent doing facials ,massages ,manicures, pedicures and relaxing.It rained all day so slops n shorts n a tshirt was your best bet.
At night Patong came alive with the thai people well selling themselves,It was like sin city itself unbelievable,the only customers were foreiners.In Bangla street you only see pole dancers and prostutites n bars and ping pong shows (xrated shit) i guessed that why the tsunami hit patong only because of all the shit and evil that went on there.

There were lady boys everywhere u cant really tell the difference between one and girl,just they were much taller with bigger hands.In Patong the party never ends every night is like a saturday night.

Thailand is still definitely the Land of Smiles,because the most humble helpful people live there.10 000 000 poverty striken people trying to survive.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

My first filling

Saturday i went in for my routine checkup at the dentist,and to my sorrow i ended up with my first filling and injection,it was funny at first cause i couldn't feel my tongue and mouth and i couldnt talk and after 6 hours it wore off.Eating this weeknd wasn't entertaining at all i couldn't taste anything properly.

I didnt feel like going out sat because of the headache so we stayed in and friends visited us.Sunday we took a drive to Ballito and my valentine treat was beiro Alto an amazing Portuguese prawns place ( 2nd best next to Adega) I ate to my hearts content cos i wasnt eating properly and on my way home i got car sick n threw up everything what a waste lol.

Anyways todays my first valentine as a married person lets see how it goes!!Campus is full of excited lil first years all dressed up and wearing red lol.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

First time to Spiga for supper

pinapple and cinnamon drink which i never finished cos a bee tookover

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I decided to try this new place that chetz went to in greyville called Market,mostly fresh healthy food sold there.It's a quiet peaceful place i felt very relaxed and enjoyed the candlelit atmosphere.For food i ordered a brushetta with halloumi and panfried tomotoes topped with pesto "Devine" just what i need a fresh n light meal. I had a takeaway cheesecake vanilla with choc chips had a taste of it it was also really good def homemade cake.

Movie 'The next three days" was def full of action worth a watch.

The best thing about yesterday was spending time with my hubby i miss him so much :(

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So hows married life?

Can't believe im married its so strange.
Remembering new people and what uncle n aunty is where and how thats the hard part.i spent the weekend by my husbands house meeting new people and tasting new people's food.Its very different from my family since my family is not so Indian and do almost everything differently.Visit one aunty and they pulling granadilla's and paw paw off the trees always making n baking things all these housewives.
Living in a suburb where everyone knows what you had for breakfast and what happens every second in your house is very odd for me,but i guess i have to get used to it gradually.For now i want to stay at home and in the city i'm not yet ready for the farm life and travelling long distances.

Its an experience thats all i can say and well im always ready for what life has to offer.

Saturday, January 1, 2011