Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween ...

My weekend was awesome to say the least.

Friday night we spent at Sibaya ,gambling the little money we had left and then to Nandos ,I think by far Sibaya has the best,twice ive eaten there and it was perfect.

I spent saturday afternoon in La mercy with Mr sparkys friends,i like a few of them n some not really,i prefer my own people,we had a braai in La mercy village and a small little picnic on the grass,it was a kewl afternoon spent relaxing i took my cousins with, so it was fun.

It was kewl to be back amongst the damned and the stupid.
Saturday night rocked,once again we graced durban yaught club with our presence ,this time around it was halloween.The entrance and the whole place was decked in gory scary stuff and well people were too,lots of girls went as black n white angels and witches.The guys were more extreme wit their faces painted n capes and blood everywhere.

They handed out sweets and littel gifts at the entrance.Neways everyone was there,my 2 cousins sarah n sakina joined us for the night after like ages we went out.As per usual the night was filled with littel dramas but nothing to drastic,everyone was still the same,sitting around on the beach dancing ,scandling ,catching up on stories.

Sunday morning rolled around and the night was over and i was totally exhaughsted.
I never have much sleep on the weekend,so sunday was sleeping day.
Once a month is enough now for partying,errr lets hope.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How i spent my Eid

Ramzaan has gone by in a flash, sometimes you think twice before you eat or drink water,just the after effects i guess.

Well Eid this year was like any other only a little more hilarious.
We spent the first half of the day giving the neighbours cakes n cupscakes we bought at woolies early that morning.Well dont sneer or omg! us as yet,our oven decided to give up on us so we couldnt bake anything this year.
Well Zaida baked a chocolate cake and hungarian tart that got burnt the night before in the neighbours oven,so we decided to throw the towel in and opt for woolies perfect cakes.
Second half was spent waiting for our other halves to come pick us up and meet the family,Yeah not even the parents the whole family on Eid day.

Shame they were so nervous,lots of hyperventilating and stopping the car was being done,me n Zai were totally ripped.Well it went well and a few minutes into the evening they were comfortable.
Im sad ,everyone is going for Tiesto,:(...
I will be strong this weekend.
I have more pressing issues in my life to sort out,time is not on my side this part of the year.

I know i always say i try but i dont try hard enough, that will lead to my down fall.
Yesterday was mine n Mr Sparky's 5 months, but it seems like forever.

Friday, October 5, 2007

IOD - Part 2

Okay so, My week hasnt gotten any better,Thats my last injury up to date.
Im sick with the flu the whole week,Tuesday night as i was taking the cottage pie out the microwave the gravy spilt all over my wrist and burnt me.

Poor Me,was so painful,but its getting better now.

The fast is almost over now,1 week to go and its Eid.
A bumpy road is ahead for me,but ill take each day as it comes.
Nobody is sure of tomorrow or whether the choice they make today will be the right one,im one of those people.


My burn scar