Wednesday, December 2, 2015

TKR One year post op

So its been a year since my operation. Yay! one year ago since my new knee - leg watever. I started with biokentist on campus every week and gym in the evenings.Some weeks i over do it and have to sit out training or excercising  for a week.I trip and my  legs pain but i get up again. I'think its about getting back up again always after you fall or you get a setback.

You have to help yourself cos everyday is a struggle, you have to motivate yourself because you can't be like the rest.They wont break but you will.
Life is busy and carries on all of a sudden you dont have time to play games or worry about petty things or petty people, you just trying to survive.

I cant measure up to anyone cos i dont know anyone who has the same op as me.So its hard to know where my limits are or am i just being lazy and letting myself fall behind 'im so good at doing that'.

But im better and im getting there... i have to be.


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